Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Well, I'm here

And as a show of good faith, I'm not posting (extensively) from work on my first day.

I did, however, make sure I knew how to work the 'puter from home, which may be from whence near-future posts come. Life in the cube farm will be different, but not as bad as I had envisioned. I'll tell you all about it.



Thanks for all the suggestions re: fleas and computers over the past couple of days. Y'all RAWK, and I promise I'll listen.


How long do you think I should wait to put Firefox on this new electronic rig? Or, if you're not a lover of the Firefox, then what cool new browser is out there that I can slap onto this 4-letter-word box o' mine? It's pretty and shiny, and deserves so much more than IE, don't you think?


More tomorrow. For now I have a pile of SOPs and assignments and stuff to look through. Might as well my FIRST day a good one, in the hopes that those which follow will be in the same pattern. Yep - it's a whole new Tiff.

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