Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Putting too much thought into it

You ever try to do something, or work out a plan, or create something, and




I know I have. Usually it's a product of overthinking. Does that sound weird? Is it possible to think about something too much, to over-plan it, to work out so many of the details that the GOAL of the exercise gets lost?

I submit that it is.

Staying oriented to a goal is important, of course. The trick is to not get caught up in the backwaters and eddies of details, to not give in to the various meanderings of minutia that can swamp the whole process in trivial mire.

Sometimes it's good to just say "go," and stick with whatever happens. Build yourself a good enough starting place, and jump right the hell off of it.

If that doesn't work - get someone else to give you a shove.

Know what I mean?


Jumping off this year is important...how to "do" the holidays now that the Things' Dad and I live apart, how to negotiate the dangerous waters of the 50:50 splits, how to approach the whole season with anything akin to responsibility and tact, as well as joy and satisfaction, is an exercise in maneuverability that I've been putting off thinking about.

And Thursday is Thanksgiving.

Thursday is the day that we usually "switch" parenting responsibilities, and this Thursday is the day that they come to my house. But when? And who eats where? And with whom? For how long?

My jumping off point is fairly firm. I feel good about where I am in life, and am NOT overthinking this transition. I'll have a turkey breast cooking and some Thing-approved side dishes, I'll have cider for them and bourbon for me, I might have a friend or two over, I might not...

and it'll all be fine.

I'm ready to say "go." No need for shoving, but thanks for the offer. ;)

If you're travelling for the holiday, please be safe. Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all.

I'll probably be here tomorrow too, so just in case you've got nothing better to do, whyn't you come on by and set a spell? See you then.

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