Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yay for Today!

'Cuz I turn another year older today.


I do believe it's best to accept that time marches on, and that getting older beats the snot out of dying. I, for one, appreciate the living thang, and intend to do quite a bit more of it. Hooray!


Had a handy dood come out to the new house yesterday, and was gratified to learn that the BIG HOLE in the floor in the front bedroom (under the carpet, if you'll recall) is "no big deal." Apparently some patching is needed, as well as some test-jumping on the remainder of the hearth area to see if any other weak spots are present.

So far, my weekend activities include jumping around on the floor in the front bedroom and not much else. Wahoo!

Also, the framing is sound so no jacking or shoring up need be done to relieve some of the gentle rolling of the floors (the house is old, y'all. I dare you to find a truly level surface), the bathroom re-do is a go (sure hope I can afford it), the closet switcheroo in the front BR is also a go, and the carpet guy is coming to measure up tomorrow morning.

"Things" are happening. This is exciting and daunting all at the same time.

Oh, and if you're wondering WHY I have a close switcheroo in the works, it's because someone put in a closet (after the house was built with NO closets) that COVERS A WINDOW. I cannot understand this, nor can I understand why they carpeted over an air vent. Nor can I understand why the closet didn't cover up the breaker box instead of a window, nor why they didn't remove the second front door when the closet was put in, nor why they didn't paint the ceiling in the closet when they did the rest of the room.

People puzzle me.

So, I'm having the handy dood rip out the old closet, move it down the wall to cover the breaker box and reveal the window, thereby opening up the room so that the closet door and the bedroom door don't slam into one another. This configuration makes a whole lot more sense to me! I like it that the handy dood agreed with this plan, to the point of SUGGESTING it. Yep - It looks like we'll be able to work together just fine.


Now all that's left for me to do is pick out bathroom fixtures and lino tile, choose new kitchen tile, wait for the carpet to be installed, clean out the kitchen cabinets and paint them, detox the nasty fugging mess left in the fridge by the previous owner, paint the living room floor, get all floracidal on the random skinny trees that the former homeowners planted all over the yard that have since died, and move.

Huh. Not all that much.

Oh, and I have to get the water turned on. And the cable. Also the gas.

Still, not all that much. Right?



You know, I don't talk about work all that often here. There's a reason for that. The reason is: IT'S BORING.

You'll not be hearing any work tales from me, oh no. HOWEVER, I will tell you that when a coworker who also happens to be a friend gifts you with a fancy-schmancy coffee maker for your birthday, and also with FILTERS and a howlingly funny card, it derserves mention.

Thanks JC - you rock. The coffeemaker is just one more reason why.

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