Thursday, May 24, 2007

Someone pat out a golf clap, please

The report I've been working on for the last month has GONE ON REVIEW!!!

I'd tell you why I'm so happy about this (which, in truth, is a moment that normally fills me with great trepidation), but that would be too boring a tale for late in the afternoon when one hasn't had a whole lot of sleep lately anyhow and might still be carrying along the vestiges of that nasty ick-cold one had last week, making one not only sound like a phone sex operator but also feel like one has been trampled by a herd of very ticked-off emu.

Speaking of herds, I was told recently that a bunch of packs make up a herd. I don't believe it. If it were true, we'd buy HERDS of cigarettes rather than cartons, right? Right?

Tangentially, I think emus run in flocks. "A flock of emus" just doesn't sound right though. Is it because mabe "emu" is the plural of "emu"? Maybe?

Let's look it up. Ah, an answer. The plural of emu is emus. Excellent.

Hey, lookit this! At breeding time the male emu's testicles double in size, after which he gets some lady emu lurve action every cupla days until mama lays a big enough clutch, then HE gets broody and starts incubatin' them babies.

You know what? I like the emu more and more. Flexi-testicles! Broody boys! Incubatoria!

Wow, the things one can learn just by following a train of thought. Choo choo!!

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