Thursday, May 10, 2007

She's a Beauty

A one in a miliion girl! Yup, that Wordnerd is a real gem, a peach, a treasure, a tagger extree-or-dinnairrrrre.

And knows me all too well. She knew I would cry and whine and pooch out the lower lip if I wasn't tagged to play the latest hot-hott interwebs game, so she PUT ME AT THE TOP OF THE LIST of tagees, and therefore I am in a very good mood indeed, because who doesn't like to be in first place?

Nobody, that's who.

The "game" this time is simple: name 7 songs you're into and why, then tag 7 other people to do the same thing. Easy-peasy.
Except for the picking the songs bit. That's not so easy.

I was thinking about this whilst showering this morning, and wondered if I should go a-song-per-life-phase, or the-first-seven-off-the-top-of-my-head, or seven-that-I'm-INTO-but-might-not-really-even-be-me-favorites, or what.

In the end (read: just now, as I was typing this) I chose the lattermost among the three named options. Yes, I've been mulling this over for approximately 2 hours. I like to process, y'all!

My reasoning behind this is as follows: I like music, I like lots of music, some music I like but I'm not really into, while
some music that completely takes me away might not be on my top 50 rotation because it can get pretty daggone intense and intense isn't something you want to listen to every single day.

Once again, I do believe I've changed the rules somewhat. Once again, you'll have to deal. I'm nothing if not an "outside the bun" kind of thinker.

Therefore, I present to you my 7 songs I'm "into," and why.

1) "Gray Seal" - Elton John. Struck me, and struck me HARD, as a young girl. Of all the tunes of the incredible "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" double album, this one stood out like a new penny. Every once in a while I'll hear it on some oldies station and it causes me to break out in a smile every time. I love the bass line; the keyboard work; and the bizarre, seemingly meaningless,

2) "Thought I Heard Your Voice" -
Rory Block. Actually, almost ANYTHING by her - partly because she sings in my key, but mostly because she belts out the blues like nobody ever else who wasn't born black. This tune is a trippy little walkin' beat thang with words that would rip your heart out if the music wasn't so bouncy.

3) "Angry Young Man" - Billy Joel, from "
Turnstiles." I once knew how to play this on the piano. It took me MONTHS to get up the proper speed for the Prelude bit, but by God I did it. Lots and lots and lots of notes.....and by learning them I got an education in what someone else's genius can produce. I'm still amazed the someone with such stubby fingers can play so monstrously. (same goes for Sir Elton, truth be known).

4) "Maybe This Time" - OK Go. Love the insistent beat, the surreptitiously snarky lyrics, the feel of the this tune.

5) "
Owner of a Lonely Heart" - Yes. Still makes me want to break out in drill-team-like dance moves. The heavy syncopation, the driving beat, the bendy guitar/synth solos of it are tons of fun.

6) "Not Like This" - Al Jarreau. This tune, a
heartwrenching ballad that puts the facile singer to tremendous good use, is from a terrifically good album that's now almost 25 years old. Damn, I'm ancient. Still, It's a song that I like to belt out in the car on days when the soul needs a little purging, and that top note (the apex of "well not in MEEEE, 'cuz I still feel you in my soullll") is satisfying to launch right from the pit of whatever despair can be mustered up.

7) "Goodbye Earl" - The Dixie Chicks. Y'all, that's
some girlfriend power right there, and even though I don't, as a rule, condone violence, I think you have to agree that sometimes things just have to be done to shake up reality and put life back in order.

Check out the comments to see who I've tagged.


Reading over this list, I begin to realize that most of the songs I'm really into have heartache or violence at their center. What on earth is up with THAT?

Maybe that's why they're not in the Top 50 rotation slots. Listening that THAT kind of stuff all day long would be remarkably depressing.


Oh! And on a com-pah-LEEET-LEE different note, I have been recognized by "
The Perfect Rant" website as their first-ever awardee for yesterday's post.

Woohoo! My new blog buddy Chiquita nominated me. Honey? I am in your debt.

What's cool is that you can nominate other bloggers (or yourself, from what I gather) to get a "Rantie" (or whatever they call it) and the moderators of the site will score the rants and do some kind of weekly naming of the best rant of the week or something.

It's just what the web needs - a compendium of anger, with prizes! I'm already a big fan.

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