Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Set phaser to "schizo," Sulu

First, go to Spiffytown and say Happy Birthday to the Mayor. I'll wait here until you get back.

(And y'all? I have sitemeter, so I KNOW who's followed my directions and who patently ignored me. Just do it. You'll feel better, knowing I'm not sending a very hard stare indeed in your general direction).

OK, with that out of the way, we can proceed.


I have a new addiction. It is DMB. I can't help it - it feels like they're aiming STRAIGHT at my demographic. I have "The Best of What's Around" playing on a continuous mental loop, complete with all voices and percussion, and it's near to driving me crazy(er).

If I manage to get that particular song out of my head, then "What Would You Say" comes plowing on in, then "Satellite," then "Ants Marching" then bits and snippets of the other tunes I haven't yet memorized.

The sad fact is that I'm forever going to equate this place and time in my life with a CD that came out 10+ years ago. Nothing like keeping current.


I didn't pull up carpet last night. Call me lazy, call me unmotivated, call me Loretta, I just didn't do it.

Had all good intentions, and then got hit with a powerful wave of ennui, and decided to ride the curl. Hang ten off the long board of lazy, dood!


Thanks to all y'all who very nicely suggested ways to get rid of the gross, disgusting, nausea-inspiring, retch-inducing issue of OLD DOG pee I discovered lurking beneath my master bedroom carpet. Nature's Miracle it is.

Now where do I GET it?


In case you're wondering - this is one of those "random" posts.


I'm still waiting for Dooce to do the ABC meme. Also Jeff Kay. And Arianna Huffington.

I suspect that they're working hard on crafting a list of answers that are worthy of being read by you, gentle readers. More news as events warrant.


Also - do you like the new font?


Also also - it has become apparent to me that I'm not a very good "cook for one" cook. With my new life situation, I cook for only me for a week at a time. Recently, this has found me eating refried beans out of a can or eating the same daggone thing for 4 nights in a row because I cooked it once in a quantity large enough for a family and can't for the life of me throw food out if it's still got a chance at being et without causing intestinal cramping.

I love to cook. I'm reasonably good at it. It's come to my attention that cooking dinner is soothing, rewarding, and a large part of how I like to spend my "middle evenings," pacing around the kitchen, scenting the house with spices and warming it with steam. Putting dinner on the table is greatly satisfying.

Problem is, I don't know how to take pleasure in it if it's just for ME. It seems to be a misplaced effort, this cooking for one. By association, eating seems to be a misplaced effort, though I continue to do it.

When I was young and single, the contents of my fridge were something like this: apples, beer, bagels, and cheese. Sometimes eggs, but not often. I would eat those things and those things only, over and over again until they ran out, then go get more of the same. It's a wonder I didn't die of boredom. The only thing that saved me from that particular C.O.D. (cause of death, doncha know) was the vegetarian place across the street from the med school, where I got my first taste of hummus and never looked back. Variety came in many flavors, all with sprouts.

Recent refrigerator forays reveal that I'm reverting back to that regrettable short list of contents. There's a ham steak in there, from which I've sliced my last two night's dinners. There are apples (of course!) and some milk, bread, OJ, and lettuce. There are condiments, and hot dogs, and that's about it. Oh, and beer.

The pantry fares a little better, with 5 (!) kinds of cereal, granola bars, and peanut butter, but please don't look in the freezer because all you're going to find in there is ice and an echo.

It's clear I need help. I need inspiration. I need recipes. Simple ones. Flexible ones that I can cook in portions for one or many.

Can you help me out of my rut? Please?

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