Monday, May 21, 2007

Double Digits

10 years ago already.

Right about now, at 8:42 (or so) in the morning, an 8-pound 9- (or was it 13? I thought I'd never forget) ounce baby body was being lifted out into the world.

A little brother, another son, a new mystery.

He was born right on time, right on his due date, a punctual finish to a surprise beginning.

He was ready for us to be ready for him. His mama was glad of this, because he was not a comfortable baby to carry; his specialties included the full-body-STRETCH and the foot-to-the-rib kick, now with bonus toe-curling action! Also, he liked to do the head grind-into-the-pelvis and full-body roll, which made this mama just a tiny bit ill every time he did it.

He was a big newborn, with feet too large for baby socks, strong square hands, as a wide chest. His mama's child for sure, he had meat on his bones and felt solid from the start.

Not much of a crier, he preferred to look around, to inspect, to test things out quietly through his big inscrutably blue eyes.

This new mystery child has his tenth birthday today. Ten years of Thing 2, a bold boy, thirsty for the world, impatient to be conceived, ready to be born, all things in their place from the very beginning.

He's grown into being a strong person, physically, emotionally, and mentally, He's smart as a whip, funny as all get-out, proud of his family, protective of his friends, gentle in his manner (mostly), creative, expressive, intense, hilarious, and, I think, a future drummer.

(Heaven help us all)

Thinking on it, to me ten years ago doesn't seem like all that long. I'm just getting to know him. To him, however, ten years is a lifetime.

Happy birthday, Thing 2. I love you more than you could imagine possible. One day, when you're the proud dad of those 13 children you keep saying you're going to have, maybe you'll understand. I pray you do. There's just nothing like a child like you.

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