Monday, November 23, 2020

Just stuff, and oh I'm cancer-free now.

 Well, hey there.  It's been a minute, hasn't it?

Yes, yes it has.

There's not much really to report, the pandemic has taken care of going on exotic vacations or getting together with friends or going out to eat (again, now that lockdown is back upon us because certain IDIOTS can't STAY THE FUCK HOME so that OTHER PEOPLE DON'T GET SICK) or hugging people with whom we do not live or in fact even TOUCHING them or seeing the bottom half of their faces, which, admittedly, wouldn't make such great blog fodder but I think you get what I mean.

While still enjoyable, life just doesn't seem to have those 'big moments' right now, if in fact it really ever has in the last few years.

Well, I did replant the planters on the new front porch, and they look nice with the ornamental cabbage and pansies, so there's that.

My hair continues to grow.  This is 5.5 months after I first noticed there was a little peach fuzz happening up top:

It demands some arranging after showertime, but not much can be done with it as it's so dang springy.  I shall keep trying.

Also, the latest scans and tests indicate that I am CANCER-FREE!  That's pretty big news, right?  Like, ultra-great big news, yes?   No sign of any activity in the original area or the left boob or the abdomen (that the CT scan looked at). Bloodwork and labs are coming back fine, so yeah.  It looks like the months of agonizing chemo and radiation did what they were supposed to do.



I have just discovered something about a family member that has me absolutely SEETHING, but it's not my story to tell.

What is the word for 'angry beyond words'?  There has to be one, and that is what I am.  Sick of the bullshit that fomented the situation.

Tiff out.


vfh159 said...

Good for you. A 2020 bright spot.

Anonymous said...

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