Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The short list

Wrote a note ot myself yesterday to 'post,' and writ up this list of things to write about:

Shoestring budgets
Chewing off teeth
Grumpy cat
Bad taxidermy

So, that's what you get.


Those of you who are better or luckier with money than I am will laugh and laugh when I mention that I'm in a bit of a panic right now, as the following things are waiting in line for my money: a new front-end suspension for my van, new brake rotors for the van, a new teevee (the BAT now only displays things in neon colors) for the living room, and (eventually) a new teevee for the boys' room.  Panicl only because I don't use credit anymore and have to budget for this stuff and I just put in a new alternator in the van so that savings got a little depleted and I'm below my personal savings account comfort level.  I can't only assume the rest of you are the same about your money?

That last one, the teevee for the boys' room (seems like a luxury, but if they didn't have it then the LR unit would be hooked up to their Xbox and the sounds of slaughter and mayhem would be all that much more audible), will only be purchased if my planned long and loud and escalating argument with the company who sold us the teevee less than a year ago or the warranty company who is supposed to cover issues or the manufacturer or said piece of crap won't make good on the fact that their piece of crap didn't last a YEAR before starting to sh*t the bed and I did NOT pay $250 for a worthless piece of crap to clutter up the kids' room.  I paid for a video game-compatable television that displays the image clearly and, if it doesn't, can be fixed in a timely manner with help from the people from whom we bought a frekking 3-year warranty last December.  Not too much to ask, is it?  Am I being unresonable here?

I am very mad at this situation.  It will not be a good thing for whomever gets to read the letters I'm going to send.  After being told that the people at the warranty place 'can't find' my account, not being called back by 2 people who said they would, being run around by numerous folks who are clearly trying to avoid having to dish out another teevee and save their company a measly couple hundred bucks, I'm sick of being patient and am instead working up a good head of steam on this whole matter and pretty soon will have enough spit and vinegar bubbling up to write an extraordinarily arch note to the powers that be at whatever company I can find that might have some association with this mess, demanding satisfaction YESTERDAY.

Quite honestly, I do not have thousands and thousands in the bank waiting to be spent (the bulk of my savings go straight to the IRA).  Most of my paycheck is spoken for, as I'm still digging my way out from a buttload of debt.  I don't really HAVE an extra $250 to shell out on a new television, especially when I shouldn't have to.  I'd rather put that money toward a few Christmas presents, or whatever else is going to need to be fixed on that car, or the kids' college fund.  Someone, at some electronics company somewhere, is going to make me happy in this matter...and that is that.


Those other three things in the short list of stuff to write about?  Will have to wait for another time.  I'm stoked to the gills with righteous indignation and am off to craft a letter or 6 to the powers that be in an effort to get some satisfaction on this most irksome of issues.

'Til later, Tiff out.

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