Friday, November 02, 2012

First frost, and other stuff

I did not know this.  Now, I do.
When the kids are with me and school is in session, we all pile into the car on school days at around 6:50 (to 7:05) and hie unto the school to get them there before the first bell rings at 7:15.

Seven freaking fifteen.

At this time of  year 7:15 seems very early indeed, as it's still DARK AS MESS outside and because 'dark' in the morning means 'you really should still be in bed,' it's a struggle to get up and out.

Today was more of a struggle to get out ('up' took care of itself because I was asleep by like 9:30 last night - 9 hours later I was capable of waking up!) because what I thought was a heavy dew on the windshield was solid.   As in frost.  As in 'where the heck is the ice scraper,' which in this case was a school ID and worked just fine, but still...frost.  And all the cats were out last night.

BTW - All the cats are now in.  They're not stupid.


We had a Halloween party the other night.  On Halloween, to be exact.  The party was mostly populated by teenagers, who are very boisterous people when you get right down to it.  Therefore, the bounce house was a very good idea.  As was the photo scavenger hunt, which got them out on teh street to be boisterous in someone else's space for 45 minutes.  Brills!

During the initial phases of the clean up, I was ultra-ruthless and just chucked stuff into the trash that I might have ordinarily saved (only to throw out 5 days later).  Last night, Biff comes up to me and asks if we have any more spinach dip left because, as he says, he wanted to 'bite it.'

I had to say no.

The whole thing of spinach dip, along with the cute lil spider bread bowl I made went straight into the trash as soon as the last guest left the building.

But we still have lots of candy.  Turns out that I'm not stupid either.

(Yes, I am, it must be said.  The candy is all packed in cute Halloween goodies bags and was supposed to have been given out to the boisterous ones.  D'oh!)


More on stupidity - The Things and I went out a couple of weeks ago and bought some pumpkins, which we failed to carve.  Now we have 4 giant pumpkins sitting outside, doing nothing.  I can still carve them, right?  Maybe make one look like a turkey, carve some nice maple leaves into another, some cranberry sauce into a third, and round out the group with a 3-D representation of a Pilgrim or something?  Do they sell templates for those things, or do I have to start with a witch on a broom and go from there?

Those pumpkins shall NOT go to waste.  I paid too much dang money for that to happen.


Tuns out, I don't like it when people talk over each other.  Not on the radio, not in conversation, not in debates, not in meetings. 

I'm not talking about brief overlaps or verbal assentions when someone is making a good point, I'm talking about entire SENTENCES overlapping and voices being raised and neither (or any) of the co-talkers will give up talking so that people can have a chance to understand what's going on.  It's rude, it's bully-ish, it's self-centered to the max.

 Because, really, how hard is it to wait your turn LIKE YOU WERE TAUGHT IN KINDERGARTEN?


November.  NaNoWriMo AND 30 days of thankfulness.  How about 'no.'  Instead I pledge to write here twice a week and go visit all my old blogging buddies who I haven't read in a while.  Pretty sure awesome things have been happening that I don't know about and that you don't (shock!) post on FaceSpace.

Look for me on an internet near you, soon.

Tiff out.

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