Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chasing Foxes in Little boxes

Post = nothing to do with content.  It just is.

Because sometimes, when you just have ONE kid to talk with after not seeing him for a week (custody agreements stink), and he's eating dinner with you, you find out a LOT about his life andd start falling in love with him even more, as if that was possible, which it is, because I just did it.

Good Gosh, he said 'it was an Epiphany moment!' in a part of our talk and, really?  Who would not like their kid to know not only the word, but the correct meaning of epiphany?  Nobody, that's who.

And also, he understands what it means to be in tune.  And wants to be there.  And realizes that you can't ever trust a cue from a flute player.   EVER.  Not their fault they can't count.  Have to take up the slack and count for them.

I'm sorry that the other kid is sick and wants to hibernate, but I am not sorry for a minute that the other one, my younger giant almost- man, wanted to hang with me and just lay out what his day is like.  It is a moment I pledge not to forget.

Love you, boy.  Love your being, your dreams, your plans, your insight, your obsessions.  Some of the best of me and the worst of me is in you, and I hope that's OK with your complex, introspective, humorous self.

And that was dinner.

Tiff out.

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