Thursday, June 02, 2011

some thoughts

Some news makes me angrier than other news. The farm report and anything related to puppies is OK, the rest often engenders a dangerous uptick in seething. Unfortunately, I listened to and read the news today. Thus, I am angry, to wit:

People who kidnap a young girl and keep her hostage for 18 years should get prison. CLEARLY. However, why stop at just prison? Why three hots and a cot, when there's so much MORE that could be done for them? For people who do such things, I propose a special kind of prison, which includes these fun activities:

  • live in a tent
  • have to poop in a 5-gallon bucket
  • no teevee
  • no radio
  • muzzles for all!
  • access to your intimate body bits whenever
  • and plenty o' brainwashing.

Seems fair, as that's what people who kidnap young girls usually do with them. Unless they keep her in their basement and father children with them, in which case liberal applications of darkness and unwanted physical advances should be added to the menu, but please keep the brainwashing, as that seems to be a constant.

At the risk of stating the BLATANTLY obvious, this menu of woe goes for people who kidnap young boys too. I have no tolerance for any of them. They are the worst kind of thieves, except those who kidnap then kill. Those people, the kidnappers and murderers, have a truly unique place in my heart, but because that is a very terrible place (but just that one tinysliver! I promise!) indeed I won't share with you what I think should happen to THOSE people once they are made a guest of the state (or country).

Corollary: anyone who kills their own child and shows knowledge of having done it should be taken behind the barn and shot. Or drowned, slowly, in a bucket of pig pee. Or hung out to dry in the vicious Carolina summer sun, without benefit of SPF ANYTHING. These are people for whom I've given up hope, which I KNOW is against my faith as I should always look for the good n' love my neighbor n' seek to turn the hearts of men n' such, but at this point in my Godly walk I can only remember to seethe, and imagine dreadful things happening to them that might, maybe, equal the suffering through which they put their children.

Note: I keep the insane out of this. I have done insane things - and later looked back on them and wondered who that person was that did those things, and was appalled that even in the midst of terrific distress and heartache I could have even considered doing those things, much less done them at all, but I did, and so must pardon those who do other ill-advised things. However, I pretty much stopped short of murder, though I can't discount that people have made me mad enough to wish them dead. Stopping short is a great distiguisher between the truly mad and the very stressed, is my thinking.

Why are some people so wicked? What pushes them to such depths of despair? How horrible have their lives been to think that violence, thievery, kidnapping, execution, was the BEST way to behave?

For all that hurt, I'm sorry - to the victims and perpetrators alike. Doesn't stop me from wanting to somehow make the perp take the walk their victims took, for as long as they took it and in a much similar way.

Me and the Old Testament, in this we are alike. Every day I'm trying to crack into the bit after Psalms as the model of how I should live, but it's a tough row, darlins'. The urge for revenge (or is it justice?) runs deeeeep.

This post brought to you by me being sick of people being evil to each other. I know it's not original, or even very well spelled out, and I don't' care. Sometimes it's just a big ol' serving of warm chopped vitriol here, served with a side of bile.

Mmmmm, bile.

The End.


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