Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey. It's what's for dinner. And lunch. And dinner. But NOT BREAKFAST

Clearly, turkey and stuffing is a miracle food. I had some yesterday at about 2, and have not been hungry since. Even though I ate breakfast (Hi, Dunkin' Donuts egg and cheese wrap! (and coconut donut)) and some lunch (and a fine good day to YOU, 6 inch tuna salad Subway!) today, there was no hunger involved at either affair, and so it is that I must surmise that the turkey and stuffing have expanded to fill the corners of my appetite so expeditiously that there's no room for even a small twang of peckishness to seep in through even the tiniest of mental (or gustatorial) openings.

Add to that the remarkable powers of T&S to induce sleep (as witnessed by the many inert bodies lying around after dinner yesterday) and I'm thinking we ought to investigate its ability to fight cancer or contact aliens or something.

Don't even get me started on pumpkin pie. That is some awesome sheet, right there, and fodder for at least one blog post on its own.


So, a trip that took 6+ hours on Wednesday took us 4 hour and 15 minutes to do in reverse today. Hooray, holiday traffic!

Every dang year I make a mental not to NOT travel on the day before Thanksgiving, and each year I agree to travel to other environs for the feast I forget that rule and shoot myself directly in the foot with both barrels of a very big gun loaded to the gills with 'told ya so.' Sheesh. I'm 48 - when do you think I'll LEARN?

Please, feel free to NOT answer that question. 'Rhetorical' is a word for a reason.


Also, now that we're back home there's all that laundry to deal with. I'm tempted to just take all the clean stuff that's lying around in piles and put it back in rotation to be washed again, and call it progress. Seriously. There's only so many loads you can have out to fold before the job simply gets too big and one must call the purp defeated and start over.

I'm thinking 4 loads is about my limit. And yes, we're there.


So, this is all to say I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are well on the road to recovery after exposing yourself to the wondrous entity that is the T&S. There are some that would say it can be as long as a week to fully get back to normal after testing your gastrointestinal tract so severely, but I'm hoping that by tomorrow all will be well and I'll once again feel like doing.....anything.

Until then - Tiff out.

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