Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Live blogging the band rehearsal

So, it's 7:09 p.m., and there's a band in the living room warming up for practice. It's kind of awesome, akshully. They're tearing apart a new song, and putting it back together. The old 'woodshedding' is happening and it's fun.

I hope the Things, who are in their room hiding out, are learning something through their bedroom door. I hope they're learning how to be BIG ROCK STARS so that, one day, Mama can rest on her laurels, safe in the knowledge that those residual checks will keep her comfy and warm for the remainder of her days here on earth. Also, that her boys are HUGE in Japan, where anything can, and very often does, happen.

Just ask Grant.


We're going to Gramma's house for Thanksgiving. It will be awesome, as the trip kicks off with an' all grill, all the time' dinner at my younger brother's house, then the Big Day at Mom's (including a parade on teevee, I hope) with lots of folks, then a nice long Friday morning before heading back home.

I LOVE quick-hit family trips. Each moment seems so much more important - like you need to make more of them than a regular minute, or day. Memories in an instant - awesome.


New Band Name - "Butter Twisting Virgins."

And no, you can't borrow it.t


Oh - I figured out the sing they're practicing: it's "Fly" by Sugar Ray.

And now I go, to memorize all the words, for what is a groupie without encyclopedic knowledge of her chosen band's songs?

Nothing, that's what.

Oh crap - they're moved on to Maroon 5. I'll never keep up. Oh well, the ol' '1 ,2 3, watermelon" should come in handy next time I get to a show.


And, the laundry room remodel is finished.

That's all. Tiff out - y'all have a wonderful T-day and keep safe until we talk again.

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