Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smelling other people’s lunches makes me wish I’d packed a better one

Last night I went jogging. It was proving to be a really really lame session, being as how the 5-minute warm-up walk was making my hips twinge (and NOT in a happy Saturday Night Boinkme Fever way!), so I had to make the following huge compromise over my goal of jogging at least 3/4 mile without walking: change up 80 paces of walking with 240 paces of jogging. Over and over and over again until the distance goal was reached.

And you know what? That cyclical thang worked awesomely. I felt fantastic, jogged way faster than usual, jogged MORE than normal, and came home feeling like I’d just kicked much ass and taken many names. It’s a good day when that feeling comes along, on that point I think we’d all agree.


It’s cooling down around these parts, with a temp of 65F this morning at 8 a.m., and a predicted high of only 80 or so. Dudes, that’s like FALL.

It's so much like fall that the chick who normally wears really short sundresses and impossibly tall heels (she’s like 4’10” without them, so it’s understandable I suppose) came to work today in PANTS! She never ever wears pants unless it’s during the 8 weeks of cool weather we get around these parts, so that’s a total harbinger of a long hard winter to come. (Either that or HR came down on her less-that-professional clothing choices, and she’s gone a-wardrobe shopping to keep her job).

Also spotted around the cube farm: socks, dark shoes, the first sweater sighting of the year, and a change-out from summer’s gaudy foam flower cube décor (someone goes around and tapes this stuff to our cubes and office doors – gnomes, I think) to a more subtle fall-leaf theme. Hey, even if it’s still 80 outdoors doesn’t mean we can’t WISH fall to hurry up and get here already.


Have y’all taken a look at your blog lists lately? Seems like half the people I link to are no longer keeping a blog, or have locked their sites, or have made them ‘by invite only.’ And that’s kind of sad. Is the wild world of personal blogging is dying?

I think people just get tired of writing. Folks lose interest, and when what you used to enjoy doing becomes more a challenge and an obligation, then of course you’re not going to do that thing anymore. Unless a blogger can find a groove (or niche) that garners either tons of followers or some cold hard cash, the whole blog thing inevitably starts to wobble a little, like a badly-thrown clay pot, and at some point it becomes evident that there’s no saving what used to be such a promising thing.

Unless of course you’re like me, who just slams up random crap on a daily (mostly) basis because 1) topical posts are too much thinkery for me and 2) if I don’t post something the brain chatter boils up to a mind-deafening level. I admire people who only post when they have something to say, I truly really honestly do. I also admire those people who keep plugging at blogging on a daily basis, committing time and energy to the words on the page while veering madly about for content. Further to that, the rare few who can combine a general theme with regular posting is a genius and should be making big dollars off that skill. Enjoying ‘focus’ in any endeavour is a rewardable gift.

I'm curious: if you’re one of those lapsed bloggers, would you tell me why? And if you’re still at it, what keeps you going? Or, if you don't blog at all, what's stopping you?

Discuss, and have a lovely afternoon.

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