Thursday, September 03, 2009

In which I am chilled, and happily so.

Greetings from Fall! It's in the mid-60's 'round these parts, and I for one am a huge fan of this literal shift in the wind. If the Things hadn't had to go to school this morning, I might still be bundled up in bed, nose peeking out from under the duvet (pronounced "doo-vit"), breathing in blessedly chilly FRESH air. Ah yes, it was windows open last night, for the first time in months.

While this summer hasn't been as beastly hot as other years, it has been consistent in its hotness, with temps rarely dipping below the upper 70's at night and parking in the 90's by day. Some mornings, even early in the morning, going outside was like walking into a dog's mouth. Not today though, and woohoo for that, say I.

This new atmosphere makes going to work REALLY hard. Really really hard. Like, it's 9:30, and I'm not there yet. Oh sure, I've taken care of stuff for work at home, but that's not putting ass in seat and appearing to crank out the widgets, is it?

Then there's the showering yet to do.

Dear me (cough), might I be developing (cough cough) a touch of an ailment (wheeze)? It's been fully two weeks since I copped (sputter) out of work with some lame (ow!) excuse or another (hack).

I'mma go work on that. Y'all have a glorious day, no matter WHAT it's like (creak, groan, achoo!) where you are.

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