Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another fine mess

Spent some time last night horsing around playing Frisbee and tennis. Lessons learned from this experience: I’m better at throwing a Frisbee than I thought, I suck at running to CATCH a Frisbee, and playing tennis in 85 degree/90% humidity weather will make a body sweat.

No wonder people were looking at us funny at the post-workout liquor store run.


Why is it that some super-fundie Christians who delcare ADAMANTLY that there is only one God don’t believe in having only one wife?

Just a question.


Having a raw, just-burst blister on the back of my left hand is reminding me of just how often I bump that part of my body against something.


And yet, I don’t put a Band-Aid (or equivalent) on there to protect the owie.

Quite possibly that says something about me. Probably having something to do with laziness.


You know what? Once you start using a spoon rest while cooking, there’s no going back to just plopping a dirty utensil down on the stove or countertop.

It’s kind of like how once you start using fabric softener in the laundry you can’t NOT use it anymore. That shit just doesn’t FEEL right without it.

We’re a Bounce family. And you?


And now, a poem written in less than 10 minutes, for your enjoyment.

How to make the day go faster?
Let’s research the ‘belly blaster’!
Dig around in Wikipedia.
Learn about synched multimedia.
Troll some stories over at Fark,
Gather facts on Noah’s ark.
Practice more on Bejeweled Blitz,
Look at pictures of turgid (hey! Cut that out!) ZITS.
Find out why the cat’s going bald
Research the etymology of ‘auld.’
When spending time in thusly fashion
Time flying by is not a question
Making work chew hours similarly
Would take considerable booze-y
The time it takes to crank out them widgets
Is enough to give a webaholic the fidgets!

There ya go. Just for you, my internet pals.


See y’all tomorrow.

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