Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some functionality has returned

Good news everybody! Blogger (or possibly the internet capabilities here at work) has decided to allow me to write posts in 'compose' mode again! Once again it's possible to add pictures, make bulleted lists, and format text without having to know how to do more than push a button. Oh, happy day!

Not that I WILL do these things, of course, because now that I can I don't want to, but I thought you should know that all seems to be more-right with the world than it had been previously. Celebrate the moment with me in a hushed 'woot woot,' won't you?

Following on to yesterday's post, I spent the commute this morning in silence, almost. About 30 minutes in, I thought 'heck, it's the bottom of the hour, I should catch the news at least' and so punched the 'on' button. Mistake. The first words I heard were in regard to a story about torture. It took about 10 more words for me to shut the damned thing off and resume my silent ride.

OK, silent expect for the loops of song snippets that crowded onto each other. Peter Gabriel's voice was the loudest for a time (oh whatever may come, and whatever may go, that river flows.....thaaaat river flows), but Fool's Garden came up from behind and bashed Peter over the head with THIS song.

Did you watch the video? Can you hear that song in your head? DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY PROBLEM NOW????

I'm liking this 'quiet' thing, except that my inner DJ is, I fear, just getting going.


There's progress on the Shrinking Piggies front. I lost 2 pounds this week (even though Biff's lil' charts says I didn't...the beetard)! Better food choices, smaller portions, and flat out REFUSING most treats might actually be working!

Next on the plan is to get moving more-n-more. To that end, I pointedly left my lunch in the car this morning, which is parked approximately 320 steps from my cubicle (yes, I counted). If I make that trip 4 times today, I'll have gone......um.......1280 steps.

That's about 1/9th the total recommended daily allowance of steps. Lord have mercy.


Well, it's another gorgeous day here in NC. I'm off to make the most of it, as I told myself I would on the quiet-ish commute this morning. Y'all have yourselves a wonderful day.

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