Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sister Scofflaw

That's me, and there's a story.

Back in early June I switched car insurance companies. The former company, like the good little soldiers they are, notified the state that my insurance with them had been cancelled. The new company, like a bunch of drooling slackers, did NOT tell the state that my car and I were covered as of the date of company 1's cancellation.

The state, not surprisingly, was not happy with my supposed status of 'uninsured,' so they sent me a little love not asking me to prove I was covered. So, I sent them a copy of my shiny new insurance card.

They didn't think that was good enough, and so they are now threatening to revoke my plate.

People, I'm driving around with a license plate that any moment now might be an illegal! I'm nearly a criminal! Naughty Tiff!

To evict the rising sense of panic this state of being evokes, it was necessary to call the state to find out what needed to be done. I spoke with a very nice young man who advised that I need to call my insurance agent, who needed to fill out a form with the proper dates, etc, on it, and then my insurance agent (not me) should send that form to the DMV. In the meanwhile, I'm suppose to NOT drive my car, because it might be suspended.

Um, yeah. No driving? Right. I'm at WORK right now. Getting home will be tough without Tink.

Of course, because this is a highly important issue, my insurance agent is not in the office. Why SHOULD he be in the office when I need him? It should be noted that it's apparent his assistant is not in the office either. Perhaps they're on a lil' hanky-panky trip or something? I don't know, but the lack of response is highly unsatisfying. I'm here, at work, driving a time bomb of scofflaw-dom, and HE'S out nookie-izing the hot receptionist! How DARE he be slippin' the ol' baloney to some skinny gutter snipe when I, Tiff, need him to let the state know that I'm completely and totally legal to drive the streets of this fair state? I need him, and he's not coming through for me. Get the pin out of the cushion, dude, and ANSWER MY DAMN PHONE CALLS!!

Let me here state that this is also the SAME man who didn't let the new insurance company know that I'm licensed to drive in NC, and NOT Connecticut. This smidge of info would have been useful to tell to the insurance company, who now think I'm illegally licensed....

Double bad-girl points to the Tiff.

And so, double nervousness. I'm not at all comfortable with these turns of events. I much prefer things to be on the up-and-up. Yeah, maybe I'll wait until the very last day to pay my bills and such, but I always pay them. I carry insurance. I have a proper driver's license. I brush and floss. I rinse and repeat. I FOLLOW THE RULES, and other people are letting me down, which pisses me off.

Because I'm pissed, I'm going to take matters into my own hands as a means of coping with other people's failure to act. It's up to me now to run around like a decapitated fowl, tying up loose ends, making phone calls, pestering just do the job he was supposed to have done 2 months ago, so I can sit proudly behind the wheel of Tinkerbell and actually GO somewhere.

Otherwise, it's going to be a hella long walk home.

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