Friday, August 29, 2008

Happenstance and tintinnabula

Word o' the day:

MEANING: Excessive or insatiable covetousness.

Darned fine word, that one right there. Don't know as I'd ever really use it, but it's good to know that there's a word that describes what it is.


David Duchovny enters rehab for sex addiction

David has pleonexia, apparently. OMG! I used it! Right away!!

You can too work fancy-schmancy words into your vocabulary!

Plus which? Sex Pleonexia is kind of fun to say. Probably not as much fun to HAVE, but that's not at issue here. It's Friday! It's funday! It's not a manic Monday!

Exclamation points!


Comcast to limit customers' broadband usage

Shocking! Horrific! Unthinkable! How dare they? Knee jerk!

Everyone, settle down.

The backstory here is that Comcast is thinking of capping the data usage threshold at 250 gigabytes of data. As the story says, that's approximately equivalent to downloading 125 MOVIES a month, or having about 50 MILLION e-mails exchanged. That is, in technical terms, a whopping amount of data.

Reading further (and in another story) it appears as though this 250 gig cap is far and away the highest cap set by several of the major ISPs. If memory serves, my ISP caps at 4 gigs. FOUR!

You know what? Even with 2 computers going several hours a day at the Tiny House, nobody from Time Warner Cable has come knocking at my door telling me to turn down the bandwidth. It's obvious that I'm not on the internet nearly enough to maximize my payment-to-unit ratio.

And that? Is just fine.


Gustav pushing oil prices higher

This is a really crappy headline. Just so bad. Might I be so bold as to suggest that "Oil prices rise as next hurricane nears US" is a better headline and ameliorates the possible confusion caused by the vague "Gustav" and what he is and where the event is happening?

Because really, it took me about 10 seconds to edit that craptacular headline into something informative, and I'm not a journalist! Again, sheesh.


Anybody have a secret to finding great-fitting jeans for a woman (that's me!) who HATES being hemmed in by her clothes?

Difficulty factor: waist-to-hip ratio is squarely (hee!) in the hourglass range. Added difficulty: doesn't tuck. Double-plus difficulty: won't pay more than 30 bucks. Score-it-like-a-Russian-gymnastic-judge difficulty: 33-inch inseam.

I'm thinking that men's section is the best place to go. Your thoughts?


And so, another Friday is upon us. I hope that your Friday is full of high self-esteem, puppies, rainbows, chocolate-scented happy thoughts, and nothing but net.

Tiff out.

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