Friday, March 28, 2008


If this gets posted it will be a work of magic and pixie pharts, because what I'm seeing on my computer screen ain't NOTHING like what Blogger ususally looks like, and it's got me six shades of nervous.

My God, what ever should happen if I can't POST?

Civilizations might collapse. Mother's milk would sour. Blind Lemon Jefferson would see the light and we'd all be humming along to Stever Ray Vaughn's harp in no time.

I cannot have that, and so I soldier on, taking care to hit the 'save' button and hoping that by the time I finish spilling out the chamber pot of my mind onto this page the gods of Blogger will have recanted their recalcitrance and allowed the normal spin of the earth on its axis to resume by restoring the POST page to something that looks less like a compuserve message board than it does now.


Saw a school bus yesterday afternoon that looked like it was on fire. The sucker was SPEWING white smoke out the back end... The driver looked unconcerned. Guess stuff like that happens all the time?

You BET I pulled over into a far lane from that thang - no way was I going to go up in a ball of flame when that sucker decided to blow. The thought of being immolated in a blast of old-sneaker scented bus shrpanel was enough to active the ol' flight mechanism...and I'm not ashamed to admit that.


Speaking of busses, Thing 2 is on a field trip today to Jamestown. For this field trip, it was necessary that I wake up at 5 a.m. (a most unholy time of day to be awake) and prepare myseff enough to accomplish the Herculean task of driving him to school to get on the bus by 6.

Good God.

“Stumble” isn’t nearly a good enough word to use to describe my mode of locomotion around the Tiny House. Even worse, I couldn't make coffee because there are no FILTERS for the pot. I blame only myself for this sad turn of events, of course. The cats don't care for coffee, and the Things only drink decaf.

To turn away from my whinging for a moment - It’s astounding just how awake a young boy can be at 5 a.m when the promise of a ride on a ‘luxury motor coach’ is in the offing. He’s particularly excited about the bathroom and video monitors, though the fact that they can only shoe G rated movies has him a little bummed out.

We packed his backpack with bottles of water, snax aplenty, a pillow for his mega-noggin should he get tired, a cupla books (Diary of a Wimpy Kid parts one and two), and 20 of my dollars in cold hard cash for him to blow at Ye Olde Giffte Shoppe. I think he’s reasonably well provisioned.

At the school there was a veritbale HERD of youngsters milling around. The zing of excitement charged the air. Fifth grade girls had on their BEST outfits and several appeared to have combed their hair extra carefully. The fifth grade boys, I’m sure, took no notice, and probably had to be forced to brush their teeth that morning by groggy parents. Nothing seems to have chanaged since I was a kid. This is comforting.

By 6:30 tonight they should be back at school, tired to the point of tears, which they won’t admit to until they fall asleep on the rides back home. It happened two years ago to Thing 1, so I’m fully expecting it to be a short night at the Tiny House tonight.


The field trip comes on the last day of the third quarter of track 4’s school year…a day that Thing 1 wanted so very desperately to spend at home.

If I was a betting woman, I’d bet his gets his report cards to day, and thus the hesitation about attending school.

As it so happened, he almost DID spend the day at home, because after I got back from dropping Thing 2 off at The Great Adventure Of His Young Life, I hopped (crawled) back into bed, setting the alarm for what I thought would be a good time to wake up.

It was a GREAT time to wake up. And turn off the alarm. And go right back to sleep. For another hour.


To say he was disappointed to find out he did still HAVE to go to school would be like saying that Elton John dresses loudly – it’s an understatement of comic proportion. Thing 1 THREW himself down into his bed on the news that he was going to be expected to attend school, he BEGGEd me to leave him at home, he PROMISED to be good, and I.Said.No.

But I think I’ll pick him up early, because why go in late if you can’t leave early? My thoughts exactly.


Y’all do me a favor and say a quick prayer that Thing 2 and all his friends get home safely, won’t you? I’d appreciate it. He might be almost as tall as me and a capable smart young lad in his own right, but I’m still his Mama and reserve the right to fret about him whenever I feel like it.

After that, have yourselves a great day, and a fantastic weekend. My buddy Kenju and her ever-amiable spouse Mr Kenju are coming up for lunch tomorrow, so it’s pretty much a lock that I’M going to have a good time.

(now, let's see if this thing posts.....)

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