Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Number 701


My cubemate has a pair of headphones on, and he's whisper-singing something that had to have have once been described as "hair metal." He is banging it, complete with fake crowd noises and desk slapping.

It's a darned good thing he is, because today my intestines have decided to run a dress rehearsal of the "Hallelujiah Chorus," in which the ascending colon is playing the tympani at triple-loudness, which translates into the guttural rumblings being perfectly audible over the cube wall, perhaps down the hall, and maybe right over into the executive suites. Not at all dainty. Naturally, this gives me the giggles and completely shreds any chance I have of concentrating on anything BUT the noises issuing forth from my digestive tract.

I might LOOK like a middle-aged white woman, but inside I'm a 9-year-old boy.


New blogfriend Malach has awarded me with a something shiny! See?

The following is what he says about me wee bloggie, and if anyone can decipher it for me I'd be grateful. I mean, just because I don't understand WHY I got an award doesn't make the getting any less sweet, now does it?

Tiff: Even though we haven’t been blogging buddies long. She got this wild blog, and she has posted links, I still visit to this day.

Yay! And thanks dude! I'm so far beyond honored that it might well be that I've driven right over the edge into flabbergasted.


Mini-tennis, as mentioned yesterday, is a fun game to play when one is trying to look like one is playing tennis when in fact one is not really playing tennis as much as one is trying to get out and learn how to RUN again without spraining something important...

That being said, I have to here admit that it's a lot MORE fun to play mini tennis when one is not playing as night is falling and the only lights one has to play by are from the football field behind the court, which gives one player a distinct advantage because the other player is trying to follow the arc of the ball while staring directly into said lights. Did I mention about the FOOTBALL FIELD lights? They're extremely bright, in case you were wondering. I might go so far as to say that they're able to blind a person, if, say, a person were to be staring into them trying to figure out where a tennis ball might be.

If I play tonight, it will be with a ball cap on. The spots in my vision from last night's outing didn't go away until about an hour ago.


My New Band Name: Helen Keller's Swingset.

Beat that, if you dare.

And have a great day.

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