Monday, March 10, 2008

It's not you, it's me.

Mini tennis (or "short court") is much easier to play than whole-court tennis. Much less running around, and the opportunities to smash the ball at your opponent are much fewer, thereby lessening the whole "death by tennis ball" fear I was developing. It's a skill-developing style of play, and because skills are something I lack (being currently able to beat a tubercular 80-year old if I try really hard), it's MY game for now.

Plus which? No fancy pants tennis-type point counting. I am a big fan.


QotD - how can an 8-pound cat produce 2 pounds of poop a day from one cup of food?

Because, damn. That's a lot of poop.


It was a gorgeous but chilly day here yesterday, so what better to do than get in the car and drive someplace you've never been nefore?


I can now say with certainty that Bath NC is noplace I'll ever have to go again. Sure, it's the oldest town in NC, and Blackbeard the Pirate (as opposed to "Blackbeard the Somethingelse"?) hung out there, so that's interesting, but the interesting bits only add up to about two hours worth of ah-ha before Bath has exhausted its charms, and that's WITH a 30- minute inspection of the Episcopal church's graveyard. However, Blackbeard's Pizza is a good bargain, and their bathrooms are clean, so there's a point scored for Bath.

Points LOST for Washington, NC. Because, really, how hard would it be to have some stores or something open on Sunday afternoon so people like me, who are on a search for local art by local craftspeople, can purchase something in their fair city. Is that too much to ask of a place that appears to be gung-ho on tourism? IS IT???


Derivation of "

There. You just learned something. Go take a nap. You've earned it.

And when you wake back up again? Have a lovely day.

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