Monday, March 31, 2008

I know what happened to winter

Spring has stepped aside for a moment here in NC to allow winter its due, and I've about had it. Last week there were balmy temps and glorious vistas of blooming trees, and now? NOW?

Cold and rainy. My fingers are cold, my nose is cold, the air in this BUILDING (I'm at work) is cold. It's stupid weather for the end of March! It makes me a little nuts!

It's THIS kind of weather that makes me go out and buy pre-stretched canvas on which to paint my own art. Crazy, right?

Yep, that's what happened yesterday, on the second of a stretch of cool wet days. I went temporarily insane, thinking that I could create my OWN art for the Tiny House. Really - I have PAINT, I have TIME, I have nothing better to do than to prime the canvases, gather the housepaints that have been used lately to gussy up the Tiny House, and set to work!

And, hey, why not go a step FURTHER and allow OTHER people to paint too? And also hey, becuase they've never really had any interest in painting, why not browbeat the Things into designing their OWN panels to hang on the walls, right alongside my as-yet-unrealized gottabe masterpiece?

Remember the crazy? It's really the only explanation to explain that this is just what I did. Let's pause to let the full extent of the crazy sink in here: I gave preteen boys the chance to design their own paintings to hang above the couch in the living room, in the place where we go to relax and entertain. Naturally, and mostly BECAUSE they are preteen boys, their first sketches included 1) Pokemon, 2) Naruto, 3) swords, 4) blood, 5) explosions, 6) lightning bolts, and 7) something random and horribly violent that was done in such an abstract way as to be almost acceptable to hang. Me being me, and unable to not interfere in every single second of their waking lives, had to redirect their creative efforts.

You could almost hear the life being sucked out of them.

I actually used the phrase "abstract expressionism" at one point to try to explain what I was going for, what my VISION was. Not surprisingly, it was at that point that I lost them entirely. Preteen boys and pretty much anything abstract do not co-exist...

Perhaps some part of me WANTS them to lose enthusiasm.

Ya think?


I still can't format text in Blogger. This is making me nuts. Something to do with trying to blog at WORK, no doubt, and using Blogger's editing interface to write the post also. Grrrr. If it ain't TNR font size 12, it ain't writing.


Speaking of writing - see the post below for the rough draft of my story for this month's Wordsmiths. Deadline's today, if you feel so inclined as to write a story of no more than 500 words using the picture prompt contained in the post below.

The little fellow at the Ferris Wheel thanks you, and so will I.

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