Friday, March 07, 2008

Hey now, it's Friday, Time to Party like a Monster, Man

This post will give you whiplash if you are not careful to keep your tray tables in their full and upright positions. I am just saying, is all.


It's all about the banning today on Yahoo's news stories. Buncha Negative Nellies, they are!

NY Pub Bans 'Danny Boy' on St. Patrick's

French village bans death

Minnesota bars beat smoking ban

Pentagon bans Google teams from bases


Two states in which to NOT try to buy bread and milk today:
Snow falls in Texas; tornado in Fla.

Obama adviser says Clinton "a monster" If it were true, that would be so COOL! A monster president! She could yell out "Braaaaaiiiins" at a cabinet meeting or global summit, scaring people into action. She could take backstabbing with aplomb, because we all know that real monsters aren't going to die from a little underhanded political skullduggery. Awesome, I say. Bring it on.

Pioneer to stop making plasma panels She's going to start making Johnny cakes and hardtack instead.

Senate OKs tougher overseas toy checks Tougher overseas toy credit cards still in the works

Runaway bank teller captured on husband's tip Naughty naughty!

A joke from a friend:

"Did you know Helen Keller had a swing set in her backyard?"

"Neither did she."



Here is a picture of Helen Keller in her backyard. I see no swing set. This does not make that joke any less funny.

(HeKel was a remarkably pretty little child, wasn't she?)


I was browsing through a 100-year-old textbook on surgery yesterday (don't YOU when you're bored?), and I just have one thing to say: Thank GOD for modern medicine.

Because seriously? Face-eating cancer? No thanks.


Note on a
coffee-shop e-mail request form: Please print slowly and legibly so that we know what your email is.

Remember kids, SLOOOOOWLY.

I have to say though - the cinnamon coffee cake muffin made up for the silly instructions. As did the applesauce breakfast cake with MAPLE SYRUP on top. Also the 'fair trade' coffee. I think I've found my new favorite brekkie spot. Just not on Sundays, because that's then they have church there.

Wonder if they serve coffee before the service?


Lastly - there is rain. And rain, and more rain in the forecast. Hooray! The section of Falls Lake (our resevoir) that is the bellweather of water level is at its highest since last September. I'd say that overall the lake is several inches higher than it was even a week ago. This more rain thing is going to help that out immensely.

Of course, the damp forecast means that tennis had to occur last night.

Note: When playing tennis, it helps to have a partner who is equally skilled as you, so that you can develop together. This is bad for me, because if this is true then my perfect parter is an 18-month old baby. Which is to say - I suck at tennis. The occasional moments of brilliance are almost never by design, and even though I am the current reigning Queen of the Stylistic Whiff I'd much rather be a Minor Potentate of the Powerful Return.

But still. Tennis. In MARCH. Outside. There's almost nothing to not like about that idea.

That's going to do it for now folks. I hope you have a lovely day, that all your dreams come true, that your weekends are fabulous and that your hair is lustrous and shiny.

XO - Tiff.

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