Thursday, September 20, 2007

So, hey there anyhow!

Didja miss me? Huh? Didja?

Well, no more, for I am back and ready to spout more drivel and blathertastic nonsense.

For starters, may I just tell you that I'm maybe a little in love with the great outdoors again? I got to camp and climb a mountain and cook over an open flame and play with a fire or three and sleep in the great outdoors, and manohman was that wonderful. I'd been feeling very very disconnected from the world, and from the earth in particular, and from the sun in REAL particular, and had to make an escape to somewhere not-here. I found it in the mountains, tucked in the folds of earth and stone that make up the western part of this state.

I also found an awesome glider rocker for my front porch.

And a really soft fuzzy sweater.

And some cool coffee mugs.

And some Christmas decorations.

And some new camping stuff that now smells like woodsmoke, which is hella wonderful.

And some hobo pie makers, which before this weekend I did not know about, but can I just say that toasted jelly sammiches made in one of those lil' cookermabobs and topped with whipped cream is perhaps one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten?

Yup, it was just about the most rightest way to spend a weekend that there could possibly be. The afterglow is still in effect.


Oh, and the DMB concert rocked.


The rest of my days off were spent working in and around the Tiny House, with one side trip to visit a blogger friend and her husband, which was really fun and a most excellent way to spend a cupla hours. There is much to do around a house, naturally, but precious little time in which to do it unless one takes some time off and has a plan.

Even with a plan, I still didn't get the lawn moved though. I expect to hear from Manuel the lawn guy again, who mows the vacant lot next door every couple of weeks, and left a note on my door about 4 weeks ago that said "I mow the lawn," to which I responded "oh no you do NOT" and got off my butt and MOWED, by God.

Manuel, apparently, is the voice of my landscaping conscience.


So, yeah, it's back to the regular routine of life. No major disruptions occurred while I was out, so thank goodness for able "seconds" who take over projects that need to be delivered during the planned vacay time. Yay indeed. I do believe this is the first time I've been gone that something didn't erupt into a total shitstorm of uckfuppery, and I'm beyond grateful for that.

I only checked into work ONCE during the three days off, which is some kind of miracle. Could this mean that somehow I'm maturing enough to have actually handed off something that was in good shape?

I kind of doubt it. If you ask me, I'd tell you that it was a one-in-a-million chance at winning, and I hit the jackpot. Sweeeeeeet.


Maybe today's the day to check those lottery tickets I bought the other day. Why, with my recent run of luck, I could be the next mega-zillions winner, and the next post will be brought to you from my very own smoke-scented log cabin which is perched on the side of a mountain in NC or Virginia, which has a gigantic hot tub on the deck overlooking the view and also has a beer fountain and bourbon tap in the wet bar on the deck.

And a hookah, because that's a funny word.

Could happen.

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