Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh dear oh dear.

I love gmail. I use it all the time, and am almost tempted to shunt all my e-mail doings over to there for ease of use. It's fabulous the way it saves converzations, the way you can retrieve almost any message by using the fancy-schmancy search feature, and how the little system tray icon thingie goes "bing bong" and turns blue when new mail has arrived. It's pretty darn cool.

What's maybe NOT so cool is the ads list that pops up in the sidebar of e-mail conversations, because those ads are targeted at content points of your e-mails. It's demi-creepy, and I don't much care for it.

However, sometimes the creepy spy ad list can be rather, um, humorous. For example: here are the sidebar ads (Gmail calls them "sponsored links") from a g-mail string I had going recently.

Boundary Therapy
Boundary is critical to connection and healing

Things To Not Say At Work
Learn The Top 5 Things You Should Never Say At Work

Glucose Symptoms
The Facts That Your Doctor Doesn't Want To Tell You - Read Urgently!

Constipation Cause
How toxin-filled colon build-up causes constipation. Remove it

Make Him Want To Commit
Free Tools & Relationship Advice To Make Him Want To Commit To You Now!

Too Hot To Sleep
Night Sweats, Tossing and Turning Sleep cooler and deeper tonight

Are You AlwaysTired?
Here Are Proven Techniques That Will Help You Get Rid of Tiredness.

Personal Hygiene
When You're Stressed, Ban® Keeps You Fresh and Dry!

Really now.
It appears from these ads as though I'm a stinky, sweaty, tired, diabetic, constipated, desperate bigmouth with personal space issues.

Spooky how accurate it is.


Oh, hey y'all - have you checked out the Wordsmiths September challenge? It's almost the end of the month, so get your writin' hats on and get to work.

You know, if you WANT to. No pressure. Nope, none. It's free will time, all the time.

But, really, why would you NOT? It's a pretty picture for this month's prompt. Go on, go take a look.

Then choose to write. Please and thank you and have a nice day.

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