Friday, September 28, 2007

All your headlines are belong to us

This is gross: I just burped and it tasted like soap.

Ivory soap.


This is not gross: Tracy Lynn is the proud owner of a new box o' nonsense. Yay!!

In case y'all didn't know, Renn and I periodically go shopping for the Mistress of Spoon Flingery. Why? We don't know; it seemed like a good idea when we started doing this almost a year ago, and it continues to be a lot of fun, so we keep on a-shopping.

We tend to hit up the dollar spot at Target, for they have wonderful items stocked therein that make things like "careful selection" and "will she LIKE it" nonrelevant. Who CARES if she likes it? It was only a dollar! Woo! Then we hit up the candy aisle in order to procure bizarre third-world candy selections like root-beer flavored gummy pop bottles and ANYTHING made in the Ukraine. There are occasional forays into the magazine section for unusual reading materials, but by and large these boxes are concentrated on silly and frivolous things, plus an occasional article of clothing. Like legwarmers. Come on, they were only a dollar!

Doing stuff like this is fun as all get out, and when it's for a super-appreciative audience like TL, well there's just about nothing better.

(Albert sent Los Gatos about a million packing peanuts. This was particularly generous, because Albert loves him some packing peanuts. Apparently they are fun AND delicious!)


So it seems that Marie Antoinette's pearl necklace is being sold.

Write your own joke, people.


Russia seeks report on Iran nuke program

If it were me I'd look under the couch cushions. Stuff always seems to turn up there at my house.

US offers attorneys to terror suspects

They're delicious braised.

Strong Canadian dollar said hurting pot exports

Anybody else getting a mental image of a muscular bill beating up some Mountie-red kitchenware?

Bloomberg at home with Bill Clinton

They're reading TowleRoad and Joe My God, picking out the perfect set of dishes, and planning a trip to Provincetown, y'all, and I for one am happy for them.


Does anybody else think that Steve Fossett is dating Amelia Earhart now?


And that's it for today, except that I haven't asked y'all a question of the day in a very long time indeed, so here's one for Friday that you can opine on in the comments:

What's your best Hallowe'en costume EVAR? Either as a kid or an adult.

Mine is not even mine, but it was freaking hilarious: my buddy Bloggerwannabe bedecked a sport coat with about a zillion cigarettes, and went as a "smoking jacket." Most popular girl at ALL the parties, she was. I have not been able to top that effort, never ever.

Of course, then there was the year that the P house girls went as bodily fluids.....that was kinda awesome too.

What about YOU?

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