Saturday, September 08, 2007

111 less than the sign of Satan

Roy Zimmerman is a wordmaster of the highest order, with a tongue planted firmly in cheeck, and a smoking hot pair of guitar handz.

He also seems to have a few things to say about, um, "hot button" issues.

Word of warning: if you STRICTLY believe in creationism, I salute you and your strong faith, but please do not click on the link. Apparently Ol' Roy does not agree with you, and you will be offended.

Check it out

(personal note: I am a scientist at heart; I love me some empiricism and such. That being said, I'm still of a mind to believe that there is more than a hint of the unexplainable in the mere fact that life exists ANYWHERE, and so I keep a certain amount of faith in whatever it is that caused us all to be here in the first place. Don't hate, mmkay?)

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DID NOT CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE, and for those of you who might just want a little more of Roy, here's a tiny taste more:

"What if the Beatles were Irish?"

Sing it with me Mother up in Heaven!

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