Monday, April 23, 2007

So, how was YOUR weekend?

It's a little rough yet - needs to heal completely.

And no, my neck isn't that short (I was looking down).

Plus which, my toenails are now blue from my first-ever pedicure (yes, I wanted them that color), I have a new appreciation for the term "porch party," I now know that white wine is NOT my friend, have seen a metal Arthur Ashe menacing children with a tennis racket, have tasted my first goat, been to a Bland college for the sake of music, and eaten what were quite possibly the world's best sesame peanut noodles (with shrimp!).

All in all, a week's worth of weekend. Much fun. Oldfriend, you know how to show a girl a good time. A big ol' MWUAH coming your way!

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