Monday, April 09, 2007

Blue men and angry eyebrows

So, HI!

I've been rather taciturn lately, haven't I? That's because there isn't much to say.

I'm come up into my first dry spell o' blogging, and I don't care much for it. Not at all. I just kind of lost the will to do it last week, and so, didn't.

Y'all, tell me all about how WEIRD that is. Me? Not blog? Why, the Earth might stop rotating in an easterly direction, and we'd all go careening off terra firma and straight intospace, waving our arms and legs all willy-nilly as our heads explode in the vast black vacuum of spaaaaace if I don't blog!


Uh, no.

Apparently NOT. My head is still in once piece, there's still as much gravity as there was last week (and thank goodness for that, because if there wasn't we'd all be wondering where the satellites went), and no great ruckus was raised while I took a short breather.

So, fine. I didn't write, because I didn't want to write. Oh, well, yeah, I did WRITE, but not BLOG. And no, I'm not telling you what I wrote. It might be turning into something, and I can't be spillin' the beanies all over the information superhighway only to have them get turned to dip by a stampeding herd of plagiarists. That will not DO.

Today, however, I feel the need to write something to those out there who might still be coming here, those hardy few who have not yet given up the ghost of NAY and check back in here periodically to see if I've raised my head above my self-made mire to gasp out a few words before sinking once again into the morass of confusion and lethargy that is my brain.

So, for today, here are things I like, because 1) I just thought of them, 2) they make me happy, 3) I can sing "My favorite things" from the Sound of Music in my head and pretend to be a novitate nun about to fall in deep true love with a handsome widower, and 4) because it's all I've got to go on right now:

Stupid gif animations
Interactive fountains
City skylines
Irish accents
Children's laughter
Wine tastings
Clean sheets
Fresh breath
Comfy pants

Oh, I could go on and on. Once you start thinking of the things that make you happy, or, at the very least, carry a connotation of happiness or satisfaction, it gets very easy to keep on a-goin'. There's a lot of be happy about in this world, of that there is no doubt. We should grab those bits of happiness as often as we can.

This ain't no rehearsal y'all, so enjoy it while you've got it, you know?

Eh - I'm out for now. More tomorrow, and maybe it will even be funny! Stranger things have happened.

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