Monday, July 31, 2006

A smidge for Monday

FIRST - Go to yesterday's post, read it, embrace the idea, and commence to thinkin' about the story with which you will wow us on Wednesday. You CAN do it! You CAN!

SECOND - My family is back home, the kids are back to school, the alarm clock is once again set for oh-dark-thirty a.m. in the morning, and the cycle begins all over again. THIS time with a kid in middle school and one in 4th grade, which makes me the mother of "tween" children, and consequently makes me very very nervous indeed...I'm sure the "girl thing" will start popping up sometime soon.

THIRD - That last sentence sounded a little dirty. I'm sure you know I didn't mean it to be.

FOURTH - I got a "100 things about me" kind of thing from an old friend late last weekend, and while reading through her answers I thought "she really sounds cool!" and then realized I've known her for over 20 years and I really OUGHT to think she is! Otherwise, why keep her around?

LAST - Yesterday afternoon, while the kids were upstairs playing GameCube and unwinding from their vacation (!), I was down the hall doing laundy. I had just put some aloe lotion-y goop on thing 1's shoulders to soothe a sunburn, which I'd done for Thing 2 about an hour previously. While the GameCube controller clicked and Thing 2 hummed a little tune, I heard them talking, as follows:

Thing 1: "Wow, my back sure feels better since Mom put that stuff on it."
Thing 2: "You know, Mom and Dad's gentle touch seems to make everything better, doesn't it?"

You may all go "awwwwww" now. I know I did.


3carnations said...

Awwwww....That's very sweet.

My own version occured on the changing table last night while getting my son ready for bed - I'm getting his diaper changed and he is reading a book. Suddenly he says "Mommy's happy?" I said "Yes, I'm very happy." He said "Daddy's happy?" I said "Yes", and asked him if he was happy. He said "Yes. Everybody's happy."

rennratt said...


Meanwhile, at Renn's house, Nooze is saying things like 'At HER age, you'd THINK she'd know to wear something that FITS!'
Yep. She did. Loudly. In WAL MART! (This was in reference to a forty-ish croca-tanned woman in Daisy Dukes and a strappy tank top...)

There's nothing like a sunburn to bring out the sweet in a kid!

tiff said...

3carnations - doesn't get much better than that, does it?

Renn - oh man, she sounds like a hoot! I fear for you when she's older.....

mr. schprock said...

Awwwwwwww . . . damn! Why don't my kids say stuff like that!

Tracy Lynn said...

Very cute. My nieces are now at the point where they seldom speak; instead they sigh and roll their eyes.

I am grateful that I am an aunt, not a parent, for I don't think that I could refrain from physical violence after enough eye rolling, being a champion eye roller of yore.

tiff said...

Mr S - do YOU rub soothing aloe lotion onto their crispy backs? Hmmm? :> I'm sure they did say things like this when they were know, in private, where you couldn't hear them.

TL - eye rolling is a sure sign they're growing up, and is a readiness method for parents to KICK them out of the house. My turn, I'm sure, is coming very very soon.