Sunday, July 30, 2006

The 500-Word Challenge Picture

Hi all y'all out there who said you write a story from a picture! I have your picture! Yay!

A word - I did NOT make it easy, y'all. I had several suggestions from folks, and thankssoverymuch, but I TOTALLY IGNORED THEM, and picked a whole other picture.

Now, now, dears, don't BE all hissy like that! I'm fairly sure that, once you settle down from your current indignant state and really really LOOK at what I chose, you will be inspired and realize that I am, naturally, correct about this issue, as I am about so very many other things.

So, here you go. Write a short story in 500 words or less about the picture below (titles do NOT figure into the final word count, but can be no MORE than 10 words long), and send a link to the resulting post to I will set up a linkapalooza on Wednesday, from which you can leap eagerly over to other people's sites to indulge in the juicy ripe fruits of their labors. There is but one prize, which is the shared joy of perfectly prepared plots and luscious word use, accented with fizzy little pops of humor, warm buttery slabs of poetry, or perhaps the rich dark tang of lust.

Whatever your taste may be, you have 2 days. Go. Write. Be wonderful. I can't WAIT to see what you can do.


rennratt said...

You are Soooo going to pay for this one.

tiff said...

Oh yeah? Whooo's going to make me? Hmmmm?


Sparkling Diamond said...

Hello from Michele's! Very interesting picture and yes indeedio, I'm sure all the very smart folks out there will do a fine job with a short story...but me? I suck at it! :)
Great blog!
P.S. Sorry, I am not from Asia, or South America...nope...just the good ole hot n sweaty south.

tiff said...

SD - welcome! And darn it, you're from 'here.' :> Thanks for taking a peek around!

Anonymous said...

Oh, gee whiz...glad you gave everyone an easy picture to work with. You're all heart.

Kingfisher said...

My story is going to be about torturing Tiff with iron bands because of this here pichur.

Thanks for the easy one my first time out.


tiff said...

WN - 'tweren't nuthin', really. :>

KF - that's a fine idea. can't wait to see what you do with it. snarfblatt.

mr. schprock said...

Tiff, you can sure pick 'em. Hopefully I'll find the time to do this. It sure looks like fun.

Rick said...

OK, you axed for it. The link is in your mail. ;-)

Chelle said...

TWO DAYS!!!! I just got back!!!! You sooo unfair.