Tuesday, January 31, 2023

That one time, in the ER


Can recommend.

Last Thursday was a doozie, my friends.  I wound up in the ER due to intractable nausea and vomiting due to my yet-undiagnosed 'condition.'  Got myself in a bit of a pickle with dehydration, so got 500 mL of saline pumped through an IV (hopy crap it hurt getting that thing put in...twice), some Zofran to boot, while the docs analyzed the blood work, had me undergo a gall bladder ultrasound (because the bilirubin was weird) and COVID test, took some more blood, made the BP cuff go 'whirr' about once an hour, monitored the O2 saturation (99%, woo!) and generally made me hang out until it was nap time.

On entry, when I was so depleted and worn out, my BP was about 180/110.  By the time I was headed out the door with my new prescriptions and an un-nauseated stomach (post-nap) it was 124/72.

Guess I felt better.

It's now Tuesday, and I haven't puked since.  

Still don't know what's wrong with me, but it's not my gall bladder - she's looking great.


Also, I saw a vestibular disease and tinnitus specialist last week.  We did all the tests to provoke vertigo.  ALL OF THEM.


I am unprovokeable (is that even a word).

So, again, whatever is wrong with me, it's not my vestibular system.  It's doing just fine.


Naturally, one day after the spinny doc visit is when the really bad vertigo and puking began.  

I only got the LOML up to take me to the ER when I thought I might be puking blood.

Super stoic.


So tired of feeling crappy, but the new prescription for Valium might help.  Maybe. I'll try just about anything at this point.

Taking suggestions.

Tiff out.


Buttercup said...

Thanks for visiting Buttercupland. Hope you're feeling better.

Middle Girl said...

I hope a diagnosis is found toward proper treatment.