Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Duolingo gets me


Our guide and hero

 A couple of months ago my Mom and I were having our regular Monday night chat on the phone and she said that she was going to learn Spanish this year using Duolingo.

Y'all, my Mom is in her upper '80s and is sharper than me, so I figured I needed to do that too.

We were chatting about how 4 p.m. is just a weird time of day - too soon really to start dinner prep at our stages of life, late enough in the day that it's not right for a nap, just one of those 'what do  I do NOW?' kind of times in a day that needs a something to anchor it to the clock.

Learning Spanish, for now, is that something.

Most days I get on the app and do a few minutes of learning, at least enough to get my 10xp and meet my 'goal' that I in fact did not set up but I'm kind of competitive so, yeah.  

It's fun, with cute cartoony characters and lots of positive reinforcement and also, many learning modalities in employ.  See it, translate it, hear it, write it down, engage in 'chats,' etc. I do get caught up from time to time thinking I know what's expected of me and do a translate instead of a 'write it down' and then have to re-do that to 'pass' to the next level, so mild humiliation isn't out of the deck of learning strategies.

Did I mention it's free?  Check it out if you need a way to re-plasticize part of your brain. 

And if you decide to learn Hawai'ian, more power to ya.


Had the yearly mammo yesterday.  It took forever.

No evidence of anything scary.

I'll take it.


Tiff out.


Marn said...

Back when I worked as a reporter, I would have been told I'd buried the lede if I'd written this. I'm so delighted that you continue to get good news on the mammograms. Pulling for you, kiddo. Oh, and congrats on the Spanish!

tiff said...

Yeah, I did. Nowadays when I get good news about 'the thing' I try to think it's normal...but that's after I did the freakout about having to have it done.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the mammo!

Middle Girl said...

"No evidence of anything scary." Alright! Outta sight!

I've been doing DuoLingo (Espanol) off and on a few years now; consistent daily practice over the last few months. The device I had been using for Duo died but before that, I lost all my activity due to w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r so, I had to start over. It's all good. I'm enjoying the practice.

Hablo un poco de espanol. ;-)