Sunday, June 28, 2020

It's slow going, this jumping over hurdles

First , let me catch you up on the current state of my hair growth:

This is about 3 weeks after the previous hair update, or a little over 3 months since my last chemo treatment.  It took at least 6 weeks for the hair to start growing back, I recall. 

I have no idea what's going on here on the back of my head - the hairline is all over the place and there looks to be a natural low-left part on the side of my head?  IDK.  I still look like my younger brother from this angle, if he let his hair grow and it wasn't a blindingly gorgeous shade of white.


Had my last radiation treatment on 18 June 2020.

The last few were 'boosters' to the site of the lumpectomy, just to give that effer a strong boot out the door.  Thank God, because the wider-range radiation was becoming problematic, as in 'ouch please I hate this and can it stop now because my nipple has a sunburn and I can't wear a bra and my armpit itches and the skin is falling off.'

All of which is true.

So, all done with that now too.


Follow up with the medical oncologist last week revealed that I am still low on white blood cells.  I am not surprised by this, nor is the doc.  We will monitor in a couple of months.


I am to start an aromatase inhibitor this week.  Estrogen-positive tumors of the breast can be pesky, so this will help ensure that the ol' estrogen can't spur on new tumors.

Time to prepare to join the Bearded Lady Club, I guess.


Getting a bone scan done Monday, for baseline purposes.  No needles involved.

The CT scan a week after that will involve needles.

I do not like needles.


Also, the better half had an emergency appendectomy (is there any other kind?) Friday night.

Nothing but sunshine at the Tiny House, friends. We're all still here and exploring Instant-Pot recipes.  2020 isn't going to be the end of us, if we are consulted about it.


Tiff out.


kenju said...

2020 sucks all-around.....NO?

Although we would say it started in July 2019, for us.

Glad you are getting new hair growth, no matter the color!! Miss seeing you and the new Gerritt (sans appendix)

Middle Girl said...

Oh the tales to be told when walking down the 2020 memory lane.

Happy the hair is making a comeback.

So glad the better half is on the mend.

Happy Insta-Potting.

Unknown said...

I will soon join you in fully graydom. Tis time. Can’t wait for your immune system rebound so I can clap eyes on you!