Tuesday, April 01, 2014

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Five o'clock around these parts
the sun still hangs high in the sky
looking like 2
but it's not,
it's quitting time.

Five o'clock today I walked
through our front door
loving the shiny floors
and how the light bounced
brightly, cleanly
on them.

Had all kinds of plans at five o'clock:
clean this
straighten that
fold those
update that
cook this
research that

But to start,
At 5-oh-five I poured a drink
and sat down
only for a moment
to rest and recharge.

Two-point-five hours later
this is what I've done:

I felt the day end
sensed the sun slipping down
heard the hushing up of traffic
watched day turn from gold to blue
then purple, now black.

I sat with the birds
excited as they at the roosting time
smiling at their peep-peep-peep
as they announced bedtime
one, after another, after another.

I sniffed warm air
then tepid
then lukewarm
then cool
and brought the plants in.

I did, mostly, nothing
except be in the world
at the moment
in that time
for no other reason that to
live in it and not be so busy
trying to make one of my own.

Two-point-five hours later
the world looks, feels and lives
very differently that it did at five o-clock.
I am happy to have spent this time
with the world, saying hello
And goodnight.

Someday, when I am old
When eyes and ears have failed
This will be what I live in when day turns dark
The lowering traffic
The festive peeps
The golden arms of sun
And I will be happy to have spent this time
In the world.


Middle Girl said...


Every once in a while this is exactly what our minds and bodies need.

kenju said...

Ditto - excellent. And a lovely way to end your day. Sometimes, we just have to be.....

LL said...

I take it you decided not to take the trees out then?