Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's here, and I am not prepared

Thing 1 graduates from high school today.  Holy wah!  I am not ready for this, but he is.  His relationship with school is very different from mine, and I'm sure he's glad to see high school done and over with.

OK, I was also glad to see high school done and over with, but for very different reasons.  I was ready for COLLEGE, Booyah!

Thing 1 hopes to go to college, but there are some hurdles.  No matter, the regional community college is a good one and once he has 24 credits done he can transfer those to the UNC system and finish out at a 4-year institution.  Those are bridges yet to cross, because today is about reaching this milestone and celebrating that he actually made it!

There are a group of seniors going out to lunch today (hosted by me and the ex), then the boys are coming over here to hang out.  Thing 2 has to be at the school to get on the band bus by 5, and I'm sure we'll be on the road by 6:30 or so to get downtown for graduation that starts at 8.  It'll likely be 11 p.m. by the time we get home!

So, I'd best get get to get going on all I have to do today - with Mom coming down to witness the great event, my house has to be SPARKLY and the garden must be neat and tidy.  It's a good thing she visits every once in a while; my house is never more clean than when she visits.  :)

Wish me luck y'all.  Twelve hours from now I might well be a snotty blubbery mess.  We'll see how it goes.

Tiff out.


Jennifer said...

*sniffle* I remember those days!! Congrats to all concerned, most especially Thing 1! Graduating from high school is a big giant hairy deal - so exciting! I'm sending happy thoughts to buoy you through your day!

kenju said...

Exciting times for all concerned; relieved students and proud (and also relieved) parents. I commend all of you!!

Say hi to mom for me.

LL said...

Just remember to wear long sleeves so that you can wipe your nose when you run out of Kleenex...

Middle Girl said...

I was so, so happy when my oldest graduated from high school and with the second one graduating from middle to high the same year, no time for tears. :-)

Congrats to the grad best wishes for the future adventures.