Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Scented hankies and the search for the inevitable

Typical dorm room.
The college tour was a pretty good time last Saturday.  Did you know that many colleges are situated in area that are regarded as scenic and therefore have some rolling-type topography?  Certainly the college we visited fit this bill. Did you also know that during the tour the student guides like to use all the stairs available on campus rather than taking the more leisurely and knee-friendly ramps?

You do now.

By the end of our short time there my left knee was shooting pains so sharp they were almost cutting my pants.  Sh*t, that makes me feel old.


Last band concert of the year last night, and Thing 1’s last HS band concert ever.  Hard to believe we’re starting up with the ‘lasts’ already.  None of his friends seem to be overly sentimental about it, probably because they’re guys.  I can’t really get him interested in doing much of anything celebratory for graduation, and the couple of other seniors’ moms I’ve talked with say the same thing.

Shoot – when I graduated I was making plans to go to the beach for a week with a group of friends and acquaintances.  How our parents let us do that I’ll never know, but do it we did and had a pratty dang good time.

From what I remember of it.

Now though?  While I mentioned the beach thing and it sounds like it would be cool, I’m a little behind the curve and haven’t even started looking and who knows if his friends would go and isn’t that something they’re supposed to organize for themselves anyhow?  Moms throw parties, ‘the gang’ throw PARTIES.

I can’t let this go by without SOME kind of celebration, because my WORD there were times during his school career I didn’t think he’d make it this far.  Academics and Thing 1 are not on the very best of terms, (*Cough*) so I'm happy he's made it this far and on time.


On another note: the living is almost stripped to the studs.  Biff has been dong some mighty mighty work in there on nights and weekends – no rest for the wicked, I suppose.  I take care of making dinner and filling glasses and not much else.  Oh, I can pull a nail or 2 and lug things around, but once the power tools come out I’m as scarce as hen’s teeth.  This is no way to build an empire, I’m aware of that.

Our chirpy little designer is coming by again tonight to get another infusion of cash and dispense with the advice now that were utterly and completely changed our plans since we last met 2 weeks ago.  Truth be told, I think Biff’s a little sweet on her and just wants to do a little ogling, which is of course why I let him pay for her services.  J  She is kind of darling…   Anyhow, the gist of this visit is to ensure our original color choice is still good and what she would suggest for trims and mouldings and such now that nearly everything is out of the room.  It’s a dang blank canvas in there now – the possibilities are nearly endless.

So, that’s the QotD: should a semi-respectable middle-aged lady plan to include some blacklights in her living room’s new lighting scheme?  If not that, then what SHOULD go in there?  Remember, BLANK SLATE.

Tiff out.


toolprincess said...

My cousin (male) who is graduating told me his big plans after graduation were to spend at least a week in his room playing video games and sleeping. So there you go. His mother however has coerced him into a steak dinner (Angus Barn) family celebration and since he is graduating at ye crack of dawn (8am) - there will be breakfast afterwards.

Mojo said...

Tempus fidgets.

And yes, I did notice that college campuses are typically in green and verdant rolling landscapes... unless they're in Boston.

kenju said...

Well, why not paint it with chalk-board paint and supply all guests with colored chalk and pastels so they can make some decorations for you? I'll

tiff said...

TP- (may I call you that?) - we have an 8 PM appointment at the RBC center. Bleah.

Mojo - YOU LIVE! Thank God. Hope all is well with you. I think NC is built on hills, mostly, so will have to get used to the stairs.

Judy - An awesomesauce idea! But, no. At least not now. Who knows? Our 'farmhouse gothic' design plan might allow for some of that!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Hmmm.... how about a six foot tall lava lamp??? Just a thought...

LL said...

I say a raised platform and dancing pole...

Spice up the ol' marriage a bit.

toolprincess said...

The RBC center? or the convention center? our appointment is 8am at the convention center... I thought all wake county did the deed there.

tiff said...

Oh, maybe convention center. I haven't memorized the deets. :)