Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not much, how ‘bout you?

This is a hint
I have an idea – how about we all just quit Facebook for a week and go back to blogging?  Wouldn’t that be fun?  I think that would be fun.  We could roam around, commenting like mad and then checking back on those comments to see if anyone else responded, just like in the old days before the new wave of social media trumped our quaint and old-fashioned social medium.

I have a lot of ideas, some of which are good ones.  Could we do this?  Quit FB (except for the games!  Must have the games!) completely and communicate through blogging?

I’mma try it.


Along those lines, I’ve gotten absolutely HORRIBLE at reading blogs.  I’m sorry for forsaking you.  I was playing Candy Crush Saga on FB, no doubt.


Oh, and also -  we’re redoing our living room.  That right there should be good for WEEKS worth of hilarity.  Or at least boring photo updates and the occasional gobsmacked exclamation of horror at each new buffoonish construction error we find as we peel back the layers.

Because, really, who NAILS a brick wall to the panelled wall behind it?  And who, for that matter, uses full-sized bricks to cover an ugly wall?

And then, who covers those bricks with a good solid 4-inch-thick layer of WOOD?  That they used entire TUBES of glue on in addition to screws and nails?

Answer: the people who used to live in my house.  I think their last names were Farskalle, Tomppeli, Schafskopf, and Balwan.  Look ‘em up, it will all make sense…

And with that, Tiff out.


dandelionfleur said...

With every home improvement project we shake heads and wag fingers at the former owners of our humble abode.

And I don't think so on the whole going blog thing. That's my conclusion after inconsiderable thought.

kenju said...

I already posted a new thing on the blog last night - so there!!

I will look up those names later; bet that's good for a laugh (or a cry.)

toolprincess said...

But how would you learn about Burpees on your blog? I'm not just gonna randomly post them here. :)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I guess I'll comment since I've spent the last 15 minutes trying to find the "like" button on here... :-)

rennratt said...

I'm trying to do the same thing. I've contemplated removing the FB app from my phone, just to curb the habit.

Alas, I am addicted to the Silly Candy Crush Saga, so I can't kill the FB altogether.

Let's get back to writing! :)

LL said...

Wow... I figured you'd shuffled off this mortal coil. I shoulda known it was just the soul sucking hole known as FB...

But I'll tell you what, I'll take your offer and give up FB completely forever... and Twitter too.

Err... that is if I actually sign up for either one.

Patti said...

I hear you on the abandoning Facebook idea.

FB certainly has taken the place of good old-fashioned blogging, which I used to do on a regular basis. Now I just think of something witty to share on FB.

It's so immediate, I guess that's why.

Oh, and I play FarmVille. ;-)

Middle Girl said...

I'll jump on the abandon FB bandwagon. I'm scratching and clawing my way back to feeling good (and focused) enough to blog on a regular basis.

Looking forward to the pics.
insert smiley face here.