Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Season

Things are new, then they age.  All things created get old, wear out, and must eventually make way for a replacement.  All things.  Thus it is with paramecia, land masses, people, solar systems, and years.

As it was, 2012 wasn't so bad for us at the Tiny House. We had some good times, made memories, were (generally) patient with each other and made progress in many ways.  It was a good calm year, one in which many things happened but none catastrophic and many joyous, for which I am grateful.

We needed a year like 2012. 

For many of you it was not as good, and for that I'm sorry,  I hope you get your 2012 in 2013.  For those who had a good year, I wish more of the same for you.  For those who had a tremendous 2012 - congratulations, please remember it in great detail, and spread the wealth and happiness. 

2013 will bring changes, that can't be helped.  Some changes will be purposeful, some accidental, some welcome and some very much not.  Life is change.  Without it, what would we learn?  I hope that whatever your changes are, that you are blessed with the strength to deal with them without too much stress, to enjoy the positives when they occur, and to breathe deep through the negatives knowing that indeed, nothing is forever.

All my best to all of you, may your burden be light in 2013 and your joys be many.


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