Sunday, May 15, 2011

tempered idiotcy is the best kind

What had this past week brought?

For one, a lost child. She might be 21, but lost still she is, and a community is hoping and praying that she will be found. When someone more fragile than the average bear goes missing, the hearts of a village break in synchrony, and mine is among them. For Katalina then, a moment from all of us to think of her. Not necessarily pray (but if you do pray, go at it like the game is depending on your next swing), but just THINK.

She's out there. Think of her, for a minute. Maybe that's what it takes to bring a young woman to the realization the she needs to, like ET, just phone home.


In other, perhaps completely no-sequitur news

Sunday was good. I was just issued a proclamation that I am loved, so things are even better than good, so Yay! While it seems a bit out-of-whack to have a good day while those you know are having a very bad one indeed, things do march along.

Thus, Biff spent a fair chunk of the day flying airplanes, and I spent a fair chunk of day doing....nothing.

Like, serious nothing.

As in, I feel rested. And full of the f*ckit attitude that defined my middle 20's.

  • Dishes? Eff no
  • Laundry? Eff no.
  • Shower? Eff NO!
  • Exercise? Eff NONO.
  • Cook? Hahahahahahahaha!! NO! who is here to eat the cooking? NOBODY, and so eff no again.

For hours and hours is went. The nothing. Doing NOTHING, and loving it.


There is a problem. The problem is that I am not truly and really capable of doing nothing for a whole day. By about 9 hours into the effort I get itchy and wibbly about the not-doing, and....

Thus, at 10 pm on Sunday, I have gobs and GOBS of pent-up Momnergy and feel like cooking, baking, folding clothes, and cleaning the kitchen sink, all at the same time. I am fighting the need to cook something wholesome and put fresh sheets on the bed, right his instant.

Clearly, it's time for a drink and some "How It's Made." That pretty much cures the urge to do anything productive, right?

Oh yes, that's right.

Tiff out.

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