Thursday, October 07, 2010

panicky whambang grimy treatsies

I have now officially over-committed to work projects. Just last week I was scooting happily along with ‘probably enough to do’ on my plate, and then I went crazy.

I accepted work from a colleague who is truly and desperately overbooked, I accepted a new project that starts up in a couple of months (but PREWORK starts now), I reminded myself that a gigantic project is about to start soon, and let’s not forget that I need to totally rework the thing I was working on that had me fairly happily occupied with ‘probably enough to do.’

What is wrong with me, people? What is the major malfunction that makes me think that if I’m not in a white-hot panic about being able to deliver projects on time and within budget that I’m DOING IT WRONG and need to ask for more more more. Am I proving my worth? Is it that? Can’t I prove my worth in some other way, like brown-nosing or performing illicit favors for the big cheeses? Because, seriously, brown nosing isn’t all that hard and illicit favors might be sort of fun if they involve things like ‘shots of schnapps in the head office’ or ‘playing WoW with the CFO on the big-screen teevee in the executive board room.’

Just asking for more work though, that’s whack.


So I was sitting here reading all about transepidermal absorption of antibiotics, when my heart just about scared me to death.

Another blast of atrial flutter came and went and took a little more of my faith in immortality with it.

Has anyone else ever have this happen to them? You’re motoring along just fine, working or whatever, when your heart forgets how to beat and instead boogies around looking for rhythm for a few seconds. It’s highly unpleasant; I cannot recommend it. Also, it’s no something that the docs I’ve spoken to about it seem to think is all that worrisome, as it only happens rarely and resolves quickly (besides the whole‘scaring me shitless’ part that tends to linger, that is.).

Not a fan. Not at all.


I have a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk that was given to me over a year ago. I have never used the hand sanitizer.

I’m a filthy pig, I guess.


Today is Thursday, right? Yes. That means that today is the day the Things come back to the Tiny House for their week with me and Biff.

It also means today is the day I start, once again, going to the grocery store every day to pick up items the Things have eaten all gone. Typical list includes milk, cereal, cheese sticks, granola bars, yogurt, peanut butter, bread, and crackers.
Note: a bag of apples can pretty much sit around all week and not be in danger of being all gone’ed. Same for the last 3 bananas in the bunch. THOSE can hang out until they’re utterly black and oozing, and have. Yum!

Re: the eating thing, they do have their preferences and patterns, some of which (because I'm a mom and don't want them being launched into the world with absolutely zero couth) I'm trying to change. One thing is this: the boys should not haul the box(es) of cereal, the gallon of milk, a bowl and a spoon to the living room with them while they snack/do homework/watch teevee/play Runescape after school. Simple, right? You think so, but for some reason this is a lesson that’s taking a long time to sink in. Perhaps because they’re only with us half-time and maybe live like savages at their Dad’s house? I don’t know. They’re getting MORE in the groove with ‘bachelor dishes’ though (where ‘you use a plate you wash a plate’ is the general rule), so I have hope that the ‘one serving snack’ will catch on as well.

Or am I, once again, seriously deluding myself?


Happy Thursday afternoon all. I’m off to go wallow in self-pity and fear of failure!

Tiff out.

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