Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Inspired to blog? Yes, I think I am.

In the interest of time I won't post this backwards, as I had intended, but rather forward, which is the proper way to move through life except of course if you're a spotter in a ski boat, in which case facing forward means YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

Where was I?

Oh yes, right here. Where I left off.

In the afterglow of a wonderful weekend. Family, friends, DRIVING, friends, family, and more friends. Plus, a hot tub. Hey people? I met my new in-laws for the first time on Thanksgiving day. All 100 of them. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, step-ish cousins, something-ish half-nelsons, and others who bore enough of a faint family resemblance (like me!) that they could get a cut of poultry and a scopp of the most feckking delish stuffing ever made. Yay for me fitting in with the crowd. Also? There was basketball in the gym after, so that was good.

After that there was some hot tubbing at de hotel, and then Biff and I made Chinese stir fry for the immediate family at his sister's house. How freaking bold is that? "Hi, I just met you and now will COOK YOU DINNER!" What gall I have.

Everyone (as far as I know) survived.

OK. Everyone did. Adorable dog included. Thanks the Meijer, for the Meijer is the best of everything that is mega shopping, including large amounts of liquor and a 'foreign' food aisle that would make Brit ex-pat weep in thanks.

Where is this post going, anyhow?

Things were a bit of a rush, but the best kind, The kind where you can't wait to get out the door to find out what the next thing will be, the kind that feels like you're about get a new bike, the kind that maybe might include a rollercoaster ride. That kind, you know? Sandwiched between 2 stupidly long car rides, I found out this stuff:

  • Biff is better than me at the alphabet game, by far
  • His sisters are really really pretty. Good skin runs in their family, apparently. Grgh.
  • I love me some hot tub. ESP those with supah-jets.
  • The term "happy sock" never gets old.
  • Deer hunting sounds like a dang good thing.
  • Stiff beds in strange places, when shared with someone you love, can feel like home.
  • Holiday Inn Express cinnamon rolls? SIN ON A PLATE.
  • There are people in this world who, once met for the first time, feel like old friends. Y'all know who you are, and thanks for two wonderful visits. Next year? BLOGSTOCK!!! Now who's got a farm? We need plenty of room for rocking the ball dents!

And that, dear friends, is that. I'm tired. It's 11:20, and I think after Genesis we have Daft Punk up next for dancing porpoises. No way I'm missing that.

Tiff out.

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