Thursday, January 15, 2015


So, I think I've hit a wall.

When smiling becomes tough, when every dang muscle is tense, when 'angry' is the first thing I go to in the big book of emotions, it's pretty clear that something is awry.

Amiss, even.

The dog, while cute, is irritating.

The cats, while admirable and fuzzy, tick me off.

The house, while cozy and warm, irritates me with just How Very Much needs to be done, daily, always.

My lack of vim and vigor is distressing.

I do want to just crawl into bed and not come out.

Stupid job loss, anyhow.  It's making me crabby and uncool.  Tense, terse, dense.  It feels like my arms weigh 50 pounds and my head is full of smog.  Hard to shake off.

Must. Shake. Off.

Sunshine and unicorns tomorrow.   Tonight I'm going to disappear into a book and let Lovecraft rule my world.

Tiff out.


kenju said...

Books can only take you so far. Look for another job pronto. I hate to see you joyless.

LL said...

Bit of a depression coming on there Tiffy...

Been there last year, remember? So I'll just tell you this...


noceleryplease said...

Yup... time for a new outlook and a new job. No point in waiting around for an axe to fall... get out from under it!

You are smart and way talented :)

oldfriend said...

What ^they said.

Come visit! We'll have fun! I need to meet the Wern, and you need some porch time. I'll borrow back the heater.