Friday, May 03, 2013

It's a fun place, really.

Pretty good dancer.

Two things you don’t hear a lot of in the cube farm: singing and children.  They are so unusual that when you DO hear them it’s a pretty remarkable day.  So, I’d just like to take a moment to remark that someone just swung through our corner of Cubeland, humming loudly and continuously, all the way back down the hall from whence he came.

Vibrato and everything.

And it was a man, which makes it doubly remarkable!


Other notes from the funny farm:

We can’t print out SOPs.  Kind of makes it hard to use them that way, wouldn’t you agree?

We have to take out our own trash.  No more of this high-faluting garbage removal service for US!  In protest, I recently left my trash to fester for a while.  This was a mistake.  I came in to work one day and it smelled like a crime scene.  Now I dutifully take my trash to the bin every day I’m here, like a good little drone.

There’s been a hand towel draped around the plumbing of one of the ladies’ toilets for well over a month now.  I think it was put there to absorb a small leak, but it seems that he leak is fixed and there the towel still sits, dry as a bone, purposeless.  I almost want to throw it out in the rain and give it something to do.

They served the same pasta 3 days in a row this week.  Once with peanuts thrown on top.  OF PASTA.  Some things are just wrong, café people, and that was one of them.

I am happy to have the free coffee from the nice Franzia machine, but do get a little frustrated with it because it only fills the paper cup up about halfway.  Which actually is pretty good, because the coffee that comes out is so blingin’ hot that I always add a half a cup of cold tap water to the beverage before even attempting to drink it.  An improvement might just be to turn the heating down and the volume up, but that’s just me being persnickety, I’m sure.

So far the little little rubber mouse thingie has popped off my computer keyboard, the DVD wants to fling itself open at regular intervals, a little plastic ‘something’ keeps wanting to break free and snag my shirtsleeves, Word is being as balky as a gaseous mule, and I’m pretty sure there’s a pound of lunch crumbs wedged into the keyboard.  What’s the state of YOUR favorite computing gadget?

I hardly ever play with the toys in my cube.  Poor Woody and Buzz and The Hulk, so lonely.  I’m sure the kaleidoscope would like to be picked up every once in a while, and the black sheep, plush E. coli, and Snowman-with-a-dish-towel-as-a-belly are likely to want a good squeeze, but I don’t.  I just offer them my back as I sit here, plunked like a pumpkin, in front of the computer doing work-ish things, a dullard and buffoon, a paycheck slave, a bag of water and wind watching the clock edge ever so slightly forward to quitting time.


THAT turned soul-crushing, didn’t it?  Well, let’s spring off that topic like a fuzzy baby lamb and bounce on over to happy thoughts and the bright shiny promise of a wonderful weekend!

Y’all be sure to rock it like you mean it,
Tiff out.


rennratt said...

NOW I want an E. Coli doll for my cubicle! It would join a hockey Troll Doll, Spock and a photo of a life size, wooden squirrel holding an American Flag.

The coffee machine needs to be cleaned. I recommend vinegar to flush the water lines.

Who the crap puts peanuts on pasta? Please tell me that they were at least CRUSHED peanuts. Not that it makes things right, but still...

kenju said...

Peanuts on pasta?? Ick.

LL said...

Was it maybe some sort of Kung Pao type thing they were going for?

May the weekend satiate the soul sucking moments in your week...

the only daughter said...

Peanuts. Pasta. NO! I'm slowly but surely de-personalizing my work space to make that last day (whenever that arrives) less, less, well, just less.

Don't even want to discuss computer gadget-y stuff. ugh. arg.

Anonymous said...

kung pao with tomatoes and ziti? doubtful...