Friday, May 10, 2013

I think I'll have another.

guess who?
This whole notion of 'getting back to writing' is tougher than I thought.  One day goes by without committing thought to electron, then another, and then a week, and there you go creating a wasteland of nothing but nothing.

'Nothing' isn't very entertaining or informative.  'Nothing' is what teens and angry spouses say when asked 'what's wrong?'  You KNOW that 'nothing' isn't the right answer, but to get more out of a recalcitrant mind is harder than diamonds.  DOING nothing, on the other hand, is easy; you just let time slip by without executing on anything and the nothing takes care of itself.

And that is no way to live, doing nothing.  Unless it's a rainy Saturday afternoon and all the chores are done.  Then nothing is fine. Hey - every rule has its exception.

So, what HAVE I been up to?  What has happened in the world to excite me?  What gigantic idea have I had that spurs me on to communicate with you?



Oh, the regular exciting things are happening - wars, kidnapping, buildings collapsing on thousands of underpaid garment workers, paychecks, stock markets skyrocketing, that sort of thing, but you already KNOW that.  My days of providing commentary on that sort of thing are (largely) over, because it's likely that others will have gotten to that first and better.

Turning then to the 'what's going on with Tiff today?' front, well, today I got a grocery bag in the mail, another Bed Bath and Beyond coupon arrived in the mail too, Biff's birthday was Wednesday, Thing 2 turns 16 in less than 2 weeks, the lawn needs to be moved, we're out of the 'good' cereal, laundry has to be folded that sat in a pile for a week, we're cat-sitting this weekend, my hair (when wet and therefore straight) now reaches my waist, the living room is partially drywalled, I won tickets to go see Carol Burnett on Sunday, the Wake Forest Cemetery tour is tomorrow so come out and see me there talk about Samuel Wait (the first president of Wake Forest College!), and I don't regret for a minute having the trees 'topped' a couple of months ago.

And I planted a foxglove.

That about covers it.  Which, of course, isn't really 'nothing' at all, but lots and lots of little things that don't crack the 'I need to write about this' seal, but I just did and you just read it.

What would YOU write about if you still kept up your blog, or what ARE you writing about if you still do?  Curious minds want to know, and so do I.

Tiff out.


dandelionfleur said...

this and that--nothing of significance.

tiff said...

I will argue that, Miss keynote speaker and parade-car rider!!

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I write whatever skitters across my mind... which is generally not very interesting.

the only daughter said...

Stuff. Some good, some not so much.

LL said...

I ain't tellin! You'll have to come see...