Thursday, February 07, 2013

How things do change

This morning, while idly whiling away a few minutes at the computer before braving the stress that is 'getting ready for work,' I somehow got the notion to look up old Romper Room episodes to reaquaint myself with Miss Nancy/Barbara/whomever and to get a gander at the ol' magic mirror.  I was fascinated with the magic mirror - so groovy!

Turns out?  Magic mirror is kind of lame.  And kids were ill-behaved even 40+ years ago.  

For those of you who do the FaceSpace, you will have seen that I posted a vid of the 'Do Bee' song this morning.  Chorus, "Do be a DoBee all day long!"  *Ahem*  All rightie then.  I won't be a car stander/food fusser/street player if all the Do Bee-ing is happening.  I'll be a Dorito muncher/teevee watcher/nap taker instead, which sounds nice and certainly will keep me off the streets and also likely cleaning my plate! 

To think that a sweet and wholesome show like this was eventually supplanted by the trippy oddness of  HR Pufinstuf is to witness the way adults played with kids' brains back in the day.  And out parents let us watch this bizarre nightmare fodder! 

The 70's were weird, is what I'm saying.  Let's not even get into Lidsville or The Banana Splits.  That's just too much whack for this old woman to nostalgize on!

Feel free to wax poetic about your fave shows from your childhood, and have a wonderful day.

Tiff out.

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