Thursday, February 14, 2013

For the BHE

My heart, fairly predictably, pumps a steady rhythm day in and out, a slow counting out of moments, but for those moments when he draws near and somehow the heart knows and quickens its pace, thrilled by the nearness of his heart to it.  There is no explanation for this phenomenon, except perhaps that the racing pulse is calling out loudly to his heart to hear it and come closer to share a space of love that is closer than mere touching.  When he is around everything about me is stronger and more prone to action, my heart included.

It is a merry race indeed, being in love with him, a lovely striding forward into what is yet to be explored, with an ever-lenghtening history to recall and draw insight from.  Hearts and minds and souls together, better than 2 individuals could be alone, this love is its own being that compels us to gratefulness, joy, and purpose.  This love is transformative and energizing, comforting and soothing, a strength and a miracle.

This heart will love him for as long as it beats, and then forever after.

I'm pretty sure I don't need to ask, but just to be sure, will you Biff, once again, be my Valentine?

*Fingers crossed he says yes*

(Back to the much-less mooshy soon.  Today called for something far more dangerous to your enamel.)

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