Friday, October 05, 2012

Can you comment on this?

Trying out a new comment thingie.  See it down there?  You should try it.  I'm OK with waiting for you to do that.

So, did you try it?

Did it work?

If it works, shout 'Hurray!' with a degree of enthusiasm that's a touch over the line for the average introvert and throw your hands in the air in a jazzy fashion, because that would be appropriate given that the template for this blog is in the dreaded HTML old-school fashion and sometimes chunks break off and I'm not sure where to put them once they do. 

If it didn't work, one of my email addresses is over there on the right - drop me a line and let me know.

'Preciate it.


For the record, I still loathe the following:
  • spiders
  • palmetto bugs
  • most chocolate-mint things
  • political ads (who doesn't?)
  • the willfully ignorant
  • clothing tags
  • getting poked in the ribs
  • hot weather
  • undercooked chicken
  • beets

But it's Friday, and there's little to loathe about that.  So, ray of sunshine and all.

I'm off to run errands and maybe get brave enough to take out the bag of trash that's making the house smell like a diaper pail.  Anyone have great tips on how to temporarily suppress the smell-to-gag reflex?  Because that's what it's going to take...

On that note, Tiff out.

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Blonde Goddess said...

Worked just fine.